A Podcast Overview of The

The AngelPreneur: Weekly Review

The AngelPreneur: Weekly Review of Business &

Ocean News - is our FREE 60-minute weekly audio

podcast hosted by Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann,

aka: The Shark.  It will be available on all podcasting

streaming systems, and can be embedded in others

websites if desired. Our goal is to educate listeners

about the prior weeks business, travel and political

news or events, and how they impact our oceans and

overall marine eco-systems.


In addition, The Shark will cover how the Covid-19

pandemic has led to over 1.5 BILLION face masks to

reach the oceans. Add that to the millions of rubber

gloves, and growing plastic packaging flowing into 

our oceans at a rapid pace. This collectively presents

the next major battle on addressing the ocean waste

crisis. A fight that begins with increasing awareness

that this is an issue people never even think about.

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This Series will be suitable for all audiences, and sponsor free, with the exception of directing listeners to our own websites, to our second $25 per month subscription audio podcast; The AngelPreneur: CBO Foundation EXTRAS and ReefShark Apparel & Accessories online store, which will help cover the costs of the free podcast, and offers 20% of our net profits back to the CBO Foundation.


We will also share some of the benefits of becoming a Founders Club member and getting access to our signature video podcast The AngelPreneur: Building The Dream In Real Time. No outside sponsors will be featured in our Free Podcast.