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Introducing APVG's

Tropical Reef Travel Group

The Tropical Reef Travel Group (TRTG or Company), is a joint-partnership between the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc (APVG ) and Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation), Hawaii corporations founded and managed by TRTG Founder, President/CEO Peter "the AngelPreneur" Ortmann. 


The TRTG business model merges several former APVG models together with the initiatives and programs of the CBO Foundation, mainly its ocean-issue awareness and plastic packaging waste reduction efforts. 

Together TRTG represents a socially responsible brand with an underlying ocean focus.  Under the TRTG business model, it will operate as the parent holding company that will owns five (5) branded stand-alone operating divisions (as briefly described below).  Its core division consists of The Tropical Reef Travel Café(TRTC) business,  which will be driven by its equally unique Travel Rewards, Travel Services, Travel Network and Cruise Club, its related support companies. 


Utilizing an integrated marketing approach, TRTC units will expand rapidly to drive solid growth within all divisions for many years to come. Initially throughout the North American and Hawaiian market, then internationally, positioning TRTG for a Direct Public Offering (DPO) of its equity shares within three (3) years. This allows employees and customers to share in its growth and success, while addressing one of the worlds challenges - the plastic packaging waste crisis.


TRTG has also developed a group-wide, TRTG Employee Profit Sharing Trust (EPST), which will own a ten-percent (10%) non-voting equity stake in and the net profits of TRTG.  New employees will earn EPS Credits initially for joining any group company, then accrue additional EPS Credits for each month of service. Points accrue for the life of employment. The profits earned by the trust are shared quarterly with employees, based on the total EPS Credits they have earned as of the end of the month in which any given quarter ends. 


Each TRTG division will have its own experienced President/CEO who will be tasked to build out their management teams and business under a consolidated group business plan. Each CEO’s will earn a ten-percent (10%) share of their division's adjusted net profits, plus an equity stake in TRTG  over a three (3) year vesting period. We expect to start launching these divisions in late 2019 from Las Vegas, its corporate hub.


The background theme of the TRTG business is focused around promoting tropical island or beach travel, ocean front destination resort lodging, cruise ship travel and its exclusive private yacht charter sailing vacations. This travel theme is laced with a social fabric of helping increase awareness of important ocean issues, such as ocean plastic waste, marine life conservation, reducing global overfishing and shark finning practices.


The goal is to deliver a consistent message strategy that showcases the beauty of the oceans, while addressing the need to protect them. We accomplish this by bringing the ocean directly into our members and guests daily lives either online or through a local Travel Cafe. 


A typical Travel Café will average 3,600 to 5,000 SF in size and by 2025, we expect to have close to 500 Cafes within North America, with an established growth curve of over 100 new Units annually.  The five (5) primary TRTG divisions that will drive TRTG combined revenues and membership growth are briefly listed below;

The Tropical Reef Travel Cafe (TRTC) business model is the core division which all others are built around. TRTC will build, own and operate all of its proposed franchise-like tropical themed food and beverage operations. TheTravel Cafe concept is wrapped within a full-service travel agency, featuring saltwater aquariums, Maui-grown Hawaiian coffee, a unique menu of healthy food items, including its signature BaggeddAboudIt brand of sandwiches, salads, tapas and pizzas, plus they will serve healthy beer, wine, smoothies and other specialties in a semi-table service operation. They will all feature ongoing travel and ocean =related programming on a series of in unit monitors. 

The Tropical Reef Travel Services (TRTS) division will develop and operate a full serve travel agency specializing in destination ocean front resorts, hotels cruises and yacht charters. They will administer the brands online travel booking engine and travel rewards redemptions. It will hold the primary travel operating licenses and certificates, train all personal, and oversee all compliance issues. It will hire and place all agents within Travel Café locations, and develop an ongoing list of travel seminars to be held within Cafés.

The Tropical Reef Travel Rewards (TRTR) will operate the brand-wide MySandDollars.com 

(MSD$) online travel rewards (loyalty) program. MSD$ will be free online or within any Travel Cafe  by providing a valid email address, becoming a StarFish member. Members earn and can redeem SandDollar$ (SD$), the virtual currency of the program, based on the level of their membership, on all purchases made, including travel, through online interactions, taking online travel surveys, watching series episodes or targeted travel partner ads and other ways Paid membership upgrades are available to enhance the members rewards value experience. 

The Tropical Reef Travel Network (TRTN) will develop the 24-hour Travel Channel and related ocean-focused programming that will be broadcast within all Travel Cafes. They will offer travel-related partner brands the opportunity to advertise on the Travel Channel that will also show webisodes of The AngelPreneur, showcase its sailing yacht charters, new logo-branded and reusable products, promote the Travel Cafe Manager partnership opportunity. They will develop and offer a streaming service that allows customers to watch the travel channel and special features at home or on mobile devises.

Tropical Reef Cruise Club (TRCC) is being structured to develop and offer to all MSD$ ReefShark members a full slate of destination-themed cruise line vacations, plus an added Hybrid Sailing Club (HSC) membership for those who want to experience an exciting fully crewed yacht chart sailing vacation on a luxury ClearBlue 72 foot all electric powered yacht. HSC will lease up to 36 yachts built by ClearBlue Hybrid Yachts (CBHY), an APVG company, to offer ReefShark members sailing vacations for up to six adults within the South Pacific, Hawaiian Islands and Caribbean beginning in late 2021.

We developed our exclusive AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge.

Our Members help us increase awareness

of ocean issues and addressing the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They help us launch the companies to help

solve these issues and along the way, can share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!