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The MySandDollars Program 

MySandDollar$.com (MSD$) is a CBO Foundation owned and operated by SandDollar, which is developing this online, membership-based travel rewards loyalty program under a joint venture partnership

                               Anyone over 18 years old will be able to become a free MSD$ StarFish member by providing a

                               valid email address online or within any Tropical Reef Tavel Café they visit.  All members start

                               at this default level, and once a member, they will be able to earn SandDollar$ (SD$), the

                               virtual currency of the program. They earn SD$ on all Cafe or online purchases, through direct

                               online interactions, taking online travel surveys, referring new members, watching our web

                               series episodes, travel partner ads and in other ways. 


SD$ can be accrued and redeemed online or for destination lodging, cruise cabins, logo-branded merchandise, and used for food discounts. The MSD$ program will offer three (3) individual paid membership upgrade levels to enhance SD$ earning potential for the same interactions and purchases, as follows:

                          AngelFish Members pay $9.95 monthly and earn 2X SD$ on purchases and interactions,   

                          receive access to the TRTN online streaming service, may redeem SD$ for destination resort 

                          lodging and hotel offers, plus receive a 10% discount on all food and merchandise purchases

                          (exclusive of alcohol).   


                          SeaTurtle Members pay $19.95 monthly and earn 5X SD$ on purchases and interactions,   

                          receive access to the TRTN online streaming service, may redeem SD$ for destination  

                          resort lodging and hotel offers, plus receive a 15% discount on all food and merchandise 

                          purchases (exclusive of alcohol).  

                         StringRay Members pay $39.95 monthly and earn 10X SD$ on purchases and interactions,  

                         receive access to the TRTN online streaming service, may redeem SD$ for destination resort                                    lodging and hotel offers, plus receive a 20% discount on all food and merchandise purchases

                         (exclusive of alcohol).   


                                 The Exclusive ReefShark MSD$ membership is exclusive to our Founders Club members, who

                                 are considered Founding ReefSharks and free of any monthly fee. The Founders Club

                                 membership program is hosted on the MSD$ platform to streamline the members SD$

                                 earning and redemption opportunities. They will earn 10X SD$ on all purchases and online

                                 interactions, receive access to all MSD$ five star lodging, yacht charter vacations and get

                                 30% discounts on all Travel Cafe food and merchandise purchases (non alcohol).   


                                                  Founding ReefShark members also become members of our exclusive Hybrid Sailing 

                                                  Club (HSC), at no additional cost, which provides them access to all of the MSD$ 

                                                   luxury-based lodging and cruise ship cabin inventory obtained, or developed. HSC 

                                                   members can access and book up to 21 sailing charter days each year on one of its

                                                   signature custom built luxury ClearBlue 72  foot all electric, fully crewed sailing

                                                   catamarans, for up to six adults, for the ultimate private sailing vacation adventure

                                                   along the California coast, the Hawaiian, South Pacific and Caribbean Islands. 


Under our social commitment to address the ocean issues, forty-percent (40%) of all AngelFish, SeaTurtle & StringRay monthly membership fees will go to benefit the ocean issue awareness programs of the CBO Foundation's long-term. 


                               BigKaTuna is our premier MSD$ business or Travel Partner membership level, and it is limited

                               to just 2,500 total members who pay $69.95 monthly. BigKaTuna’s receive all the benefits of a

                               StingRay membership, plus a dedicated web page on the MSD$ member website to allow them

                               to promote their own destination travel-related discounts, food and beverage offers, business                                  or services. BigKaTuna’s may sponsor programs and events in Travel Cafes. Monthly BigKaTuna

                               membership fees remain with MSD$, and is offered to destination-based business owners. 

Our BigKaTunas may accept member SD$ currency for their own services and products, discounts or offers, plus acquire SD$ currency in bulk to offer their clients for purchases made (subject to MSD$ approval). They will be listed on the member website by name, destination, type of service or product, with a logo image and direct web link for easy viewing.


All MSD$ members will be able to view offers, print coupons or claim a digital coupon to save to their online account or a smart phone for a future planned trip(s) or destination vacation. The MSD$ travel rewards program offers a unique marketing tool to drive the Travel Cafe brand forward. At the same time, it engages members long-term in the ocean theme and issue awareness message campaign on a regular basis.

GoldDolphins Members represent our Travel Partners, and program or Initiative Sponsors. They do not pay a monthly fee, nor can they earn SD$ currency. They will receive access to the TRTN 

streaming service, and are listed on our websites, plus receive other benefits.


BlueDolphins Members represent our non- profit NGO Partners, who share in our goals and        objectives, help cross promote us within their websites, programs or Initiatives, or are ones we help support. They do not pay a fee,nor can they earn SD$ currency. They receive a website listing and other benefits.


We developed our exclusive AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our

Members will help us increase awareness of

the ocean issues and address the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They help us launch the companies to help

solve this issue and along the way, can share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!

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