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Tropical Reef Travel Cafes

The Tropical Reef Travel Cafe (Travel Cafes) are part of our Aquarium Restaurant Group (AQRG). They will serve multiple objectives and are structured much like a franchise over-the-counter food and beverage business. However, AQRG will own and operate all units directly, along with a Location General Manager, who under a unique profit-sharing

Agreement (LGMA) will share in each locations success.. 

Travel Cafes will feature a warm and welcoming tropical theme, wrapped around a full-service travel agency. They will have limited table serve, offer a menu of healthy foods, beer and wine for adult guests, meeting rooms, ongoing travel programing, plus patios and drive-through service where feasible. 

Our proposed signature Travel Café  was originally planned for Las Vegas, Nevada. However, CoVid-19 casted us to cancel its development plans, and we are considering other locations. This one-of-a-kind Travel Cafe, once built is designed to be over10,000 SF within either an existing commercial retail space or new build.


We may even elect to build this Travel Cafe in a desired location. As shown in the conceptual renderings to the right, it features seven large saltwater aquariums, includes a test kitchen, video production studio, large meeting room, long wine and beer bar, retail, CBO Foundation desk, four outdoor patio areas for the public and events. 

Although no location has yet been secured for our initial signature Travel CafeAPVG has found several location options to build it early 2021. Our Signature Travel Cafe is intended to brand the overall Cafe business model, and does not represent the intended network of smaller or related units that will drive future growth.


In a joint venture with PlugHUBS, another APVG company, we will be placing either a Travel Cafe (as shown below) or Aquarium Grill & Bistro unit, with a drive-through stand-alone unit in select locations alongside their electric vehicle charging centers. The actual site targeted below will likely incorporate the Bistro unit instead of the Travel Cafe shown in the conceptual design here. 



To drive growth faster, the average Travel Cafe will be approximately 3,600-5,000 SF in size depending on location, similar to the 3,600 SF conceptual rendering shown below. Most will be located in existing retail strip malls, regional shopping centers, major airport terminals, larger destination resort hotels and office towers.   Our smaller Travel Cafe's will serve only select beer and CBO branded wines, while Signature Travel Cafes will offer a limited full-bar serving beer, wine and tropical drinks. 

TRTC intends to begin building its chain of Travel Cafes starting in 2021, establishing five units within existing retail spaces. This will allow future Cafe Partners to see and experience the range of designs in operation. Once established TRTC intends to build-out units within Southern California, Florida, Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona and Seattle beginning in 2022. 

Each Travel Cafe will be open seven days a week from 8 am to 11 pm, offer mainly an over-the-counter food & beverage service and full-service travel agency services. They will feature Hawaiian grown coffee, smoothies, frozen yogurt, plus its signature line of BageddAboudIt pizza’s, specialty sandwiches and salads.


They will feature saltwater aquariums, a private meeting room for 50 to 60 people with tables, multiple video monitors featuring

ocean-related travel and special programming. They will offer logo apparel items for the CBO Foundation and other APVG brands, and specialty products. If a region can support 10 or more Travel Cafe units by population, TRTC will establish a regional support center that will inventory food items, staples and merchandise.

Instead of offering independent TRTC fast food franchises, the Company has developed an exclusive low cost, low risk Location Cafe Partnership Agreement  (LCPA or Cafe Partner).  This program was designed to attract those who have experience running a food operation and wish to own one, but do not have the start-up capital to risk venturing out on their own. In short, it is a hybrid profit sharing opportunity for a local Cafe Partner unlike any offered before.


The Travel Cafés interior design will offer a warm tropical island theme, with palms and teak furnishings. They feature the MySandDollar$ 

(MSD$Travel Rewards loyalty program. MSD$ members earn SD$, the programs virtual currency that they can accrue and redeem for food or travel offers within Cafes.


Guests join MSD$ for free with a valid email address in any Café or online to become a StarFish member. The program offers three additional paying member levels that offer higher SD$ earning power and access to specialty travel offers, greater discounts and benefits.

The old interior Travel Cafe elevation rendering shown above were designed for an airport space several years ago, and represent the basic tropical Cafe theme. As most Travel Cafes will be established in existing retail spaces, actual layouts will vary depending on space configurations. These renderings are shown purely for conceptual purposes. 

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