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Overview of The

Tropical Reef Cruise Club 

The Tropical Reef Cruise Club (TRCC) will offer MSD$ ReefShark members our Travel Partner cruise line cabin vacation offers. The ever-expanding cruise line industry will introduce over 120 new ships by 2025. As cabin inventory grows, cabins for our program will grow too.


However, when the global economy slows in the coming years, as we believe it will, some smaller cruise ships will be sold by the larger brands. We hope to acquire one of those ships to establish and offer our own branded cruise products as ongoing future travel. 

TRCC will develop the ultimate MSD$ Travel Reward through its exclusive Hybrid Sailing Club (HSC), its unique yacht charter sailing vacation division that will offer MSD$ ReefShark members, an add-on membership for a one-time cost of $3,500.


The HSC memberships

allows its members to

plan and book a fully

crewed yacht charter

sailing vacation on one

of its custom built ClearBlue 72 all electric powered

luxury sailing catamarans (similar to the design of the

Fountaine Pajot 67 catamaran seen in the video here). Our 72 foot yacht will be five feet longer and offer four (4) guest cabins designed for 4 couples or 8 adults

(no guests under 16 allowed).

The ClearBlue 72 yacht charter will come fully staffed with a Captain & First Mate (the live-aboard couple) who manage all charter plans and operations of their assigned yacht, which members can plan directly with them online. These premier and exclusive Travel Reward Sailing Vacations will be actively promoted on our Travel Channel, within Travel Cafes, online through social media, and within The AngelPreneur web series that will also feature the fleet building process. 

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We developed our exclusive AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge.

Our Members help us increase awareness

of ocean issues and addressing the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They help us launch the companies to help

solve these issues and along the way, can share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!