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Overview of The

Hybrid Sailing Club 

The Hybrid Sailing Club (HSC), is an added membership program and division of the SandDollar Travel Group (SDTG), an APVG company. HSC will develop and offer the ultimate MSD$ travel reward, a private luxury yacht charter vacation product for up to six guests (3 couples or mixed) in three staterooms, aboard a fleet of ClearBlue 72 foot sailing catamarans, beginning in summer 2023.


It's no secret that our Founder, an avid offshore sailor who is passionate about the oceans, would find a way to include a sailing travel reward. However, HSC will take things to a new level.  HSC is named after the bareboat yacht charter business he and Dave, a close friend who suddenly died on Christmas Day while

in the process of launching this club in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) in  2011.

Over the years HSC has been reinvented from its original bareboat model (where members sail their own yachts) to one now offering fully crewed electric powered luxury sailing catamarans. We first designed a custom ClearBlue 52 foot yacht, but in early 2019, The Shark elected to kick it up a few notches and build a fleet of even larger luxury yachts, and position these charters as the ultimate travel reward within the MySandDollar$ Travel Rewards program.


In deciding whether to buy or build a luxury sailing catamaran of over 60 foot, The Shark discovered the Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67, offering a beautiful newer design in a high quality sailing catamaran built in France (featured in the above video). At an estimated delivered price, charter ready of nearly USD $3.5 million per yacht, with two standard gas powered engines, and over one year delivery per vessel, that option did not make sense.


With that in mind, APVG elected to design and build its own electric powered ClearBlue 72 catamaran yachts for this sole purpose, using his already established ClearBlue Hybrid Yachts (CBHY) manufacturing model, developed an earlier ClearBlue 52 electric sailing catamaran. Our direct yacht building strategy will not just ensure the build quality of the yachts, but offer feature consistency, and the ongoing delivery schedule of six to ten yachts annually. 


Although the initial production set-up and mold building costs will be substantial, especially since we are proposing to build these yachts in either Washington state or Florida. Long-term, however, the yacht construction costs are projected to be closer to  USD $2 million each. We found an established yacht design/build firm to assist us in developing the ClearBlue 72, and assist us in developing a production facility to meet our needs, and may let them build the first yacht and Hull in their facility starting in early 2021. 

HSC will offer its MSD$ ReefShark and other members its exclusive Hybrid  Sailing Club Memberships, as an add-on membership for a one-time cost of $3,500 (No charge for Founders Club Members). This allows HSC members to plan and book a fully crewed custom yacht charter sailing vacation on one of its fleet of ClearBlue 72 all electric powered luxury sailing catamarans.

The ClearBlue 72 - will offer three (3) guest cabins with queen beds designed for 3 couples or 6 adults (no guests under 18). These yachts come fully staffed with Captain & First Mate (live-aboard couple) who manage all charters and operations on their yacht, plus additional crew member. The yacht crew will offer a five-star sailing experience to member guests. Initially, yachts will sail within the Hawaiian Islands, Caribbean, then Tahiti and the South Pacific.

A seven day Alegria 67 sailing charter sells for around USD$40,000 in the greek islands, which sets a benchmark cost for this type of sailing product. Our Members may book a minimum seven (7) day charter for far less, and up to 21 days annually for $2,750 per day, on a first paid basis, plus specialty food and alcohol.


Although our projected daily charter cost will be well below the stated benchmark cost, and can be offset further by the members redemption of their accrued SD$, the currency earned in the MSD$ Rewards Program. Members who charter MUST pay a $5,000 cash deposit when booking, plus redeem a minimum of five million SD$ for a credit of $5,000. The balance due can be offset to zero, at a rate of $500.00 in credit for every 500,000 SD$ redeemed.


HSC's goal is not to become a profitable company, but rather serve as a means of reducing the total Travel Rewards Program SD$ redemption liabilities long-term. All listed charter guests, if each are members, can pool their accrued SD$ towards the charter balance due. This makes such a sailing vacation very obtainable for almost any ReefShark member in the program.


HSC intends to add one new ClearBlue 72 yacht every two months starting in mid 2021, with a goal of building a fleet of 36 yachts by 2027.  These sailing vacations will become the premier Travel Reward offered through the MSD$ program, and is designed to allow members to explore the tropical islands and reefs in a whole new way.


As such, our Sailing Vacations will be actively promoted within all Travel Cafes, online through social media, and within The AngelPreneur web series that will also feature the fleet building process and first sailing vacation. The endgame is to attract new MSD$ members and customers as we collectively set out to build a new eco-brand for the oceans.

We developed our exclusive AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge.

Our Members help us increase awareness

of ocean issues and addressing the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They help us launch the companies to help

solve these issues and along the way, can share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!