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Introducing Our

Specialty Design-Build Group

APVG has developed well over 30 new businesses over the past ten years, mainly led by the Specialty Design-Build Group (SDBG), our founders 

private project design & manufacturing division. SDBG is rooted in his over 40 years of specialty contracting and construction experience, and it remains so today.

SDBG  has provided most of our initial project designs, concept renderings and construction cost estimating, We had nothing to do with the modular housing unit seen in the above video, although we intend to use them for temporary housing for our construction project on Maui or in Puerto Rico in 2022.


They will establish Specialty Metal Works (SMW) as a state of the art custom metal

fabrication shop in Camarillo, California, and its home base, featuring computer assisted

plasma cutting equipment, light and heavy gage shearing, forming and welding systems,

with a focus on stainless steel, and aluminum manufacturing. SMW will be an all-purpose 

Job Shop that fabricates related assemblies for all our projects and restaurants.


The principal business objectives for SMis to support the long-term growth of all APVG businesses, including the ongoing development of its Plastic2Power waste management solution business and related waste collection centers. As such, they will establish several divisions in addition top a state of the art metal fabrication facility to ensure that the key elements and fixtures needed to grow each brand, meet our standards and delivery timelines.


SDBG  will be tasked by APVG to manage all construction projects, procure equipment and materials, assist in the engineering and develop of its proposed projects, including developing, testing and then manufacturing the required equipment for its HumidaPure water making systems, Integrated Solar Solutions electric generating technologies, and its Integrated Concrete Construction, a pre-cast specialty concrete contracting business. In addition to SMW, it will also establish two stand-alone operating divisions as shown below;

Specialty GrowRack Systems is the design/build manufacturer of its proprietary produce grow rack and control systems for APVG's Urban GrowSpaces, and its Fruit & Veggie Vertical Farms businesses, plus its Cannabis GrowSpaces business (where legal). Specialty Grow Racks will be manufactured to offer flexibility with removable planting trays that slide in and out of the racks, are installed complete with grow lights, water makers and full control systems, 

Specialty Aquarium Builders will build and install all the Tropical Reef Travel Cafe unit saltwater aquariums, plus all APVG project-related aquariums for its proposed Maui Aquarium Plaza Resort hotel and suites, restaurants, common areas, and offices. It will also serve as the project manager and manage the joint construction of the CBO Foundation's Marissa’s Reef For Heavenly Helpers memorial aquarium exhibit, once underway.

Specialty Design-Build Group will incorporate all of the above under one roof initially, and may establish new divisions in the future. Once one or more of the above divisions needs grow, it is likely they will be split out into stand alone business operations to provide for a more productive manufacturing process.

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Our Members help us increase awareness

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