Overview of The

SkyPOD Transit System 

SkyPOD Transit Systems (SkyPODS), is a stand 

alone joint venture between APVG and Integrated

Impact Driven Ventures (Integrated Ventures),

solar division,  and currently remains on the

drawing board. Although our SkyPODS business

model incorporates a unique aerial transit system,

neither APVG or Integrated Ventures developed it.

Several aerial maglev transit firms are working on

such systems. 

As our world continues to move toward a transition to electric and hydrogen fueled transportation 

options, we believe the SkyPODS business model can offer substantial future growth potential and 

benefits for both private and targeted public transportation needs. As such, we intend to partner with firms driving this technology to develop aerial transit systems and incorporate our solar electric systems business into them.

In 2017, APVG sought out

 an aerial transit system 

and created a SkyPOD

network for its proposed 

golf resort development 

planned for the Island of 

Maui, Hawaii (seen here).  


The goal was to use the 

SkyPODS system to move 

residents and hotel guests 

throughout the property, 

from hotel to restaurants, 

the golf club, shopping 

center, apartments or 

senior living center.

SkyPOD in our system

consisted of mainly 8

passenger cabin Pods.


Riders would enter the private - single party SkyPOD cabin at their destination and select their destination on the internal control panel, which would then automatically take them to their desired destination without stopping at any stations in between. The SkyPOD track can be seen in the above rendering, with solar electric generating panels above the entire track.


SkyPODS are powered by electric motors that travel within an elevated tube/track. They rapid charge  as they stop to transfer occupants as needed, and sense traffic ahead of them, plus automatically divert around regular station stops. Once they arrive at a destination they stack behind other SkyPODS, until someone enters the first one in line and programs it to the next destination.

SkyPODS AI is smart in that if to many are located at any one location, they will automatically send an empty unit to a location that needs more, once less than five are at that station. The design goal was to have a minimum of five ready at all times at all locations for fast transit options. Look for this to become part of our resort project in the future.

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