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Overview of Our ReefShark

Apparel & Accessories

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ReefShark Apparel & Accessories (ReefShark) is our proposed online store currently development. They will offer a broad range of logo-brand products and specialities for the CBO Foundation and Integrated Ventures, plus all of its related businesses, programs and initiatives. ReefShark will launch by summer 2021 and will operate a centralized online retail operation offering multiple reusable branded products on various websites, distribute wholesale logo-branded products to related companies, plastic-free consumables and specialty items for CBO Foundation’s beach clean-up initiatives.ReefShark intends to design and offer a complete line of casual apparel and accessories in the future. 

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Swell Pic.png

ReefShark will offer reusable bottles and containers, like these from S'well, branded with our logos  and colors whenever suitable. In addition to logo branded items, we will offer other personal consumer-related products we believe can offer value to our members and customers to reduce plastic use.

The products shown above are samples of reusable bottles, grocery shopping bags we are developing for our online store, but will be offer several versions of hats and other apparel with 20% of our net profits going to help support the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation's ocean issue awareness programs and initiatives. The additional profits will go to support our podcast series and other businesses.


ReefShark Apparel is currently being established in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it will operate its core North American warehouse and shipping operations. We expect to be active by late spring 2021.

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