Overview of

Airwater PlugHUBS

PlugHUBS (PlugHUBS) is one of our three (3) APVG companies slated to be structured as a future public company from the start. It will develop and own a network of fully staffed electric vehicle charging centers, under the name Airwater PlugHUBS, within North America and Hawaii. 


PlugHUBS will establish a membership-based service for electric vehicle and RV owners, incorporating 

the atmospheric water making services of APVG's Integrated Ventures, HumidaPure AirWater Company, hence the Airwater PlugHUBS name.


Members will pay a low monthly fee to obtain unlimited rapid charging regardless of where they may travel, for their electric or hydrogen cell vehicles, with the assistance of onsite staff, regardless of vehicle brand or cable requirements. 


Members may also fill their personal containers with fresh AirWater made onsite, purchase new containers or pre-filled water products, enjoy a slice of specialty made pizza or pre-packaged food items, take out a pizza, enjoy an exclusive KaffeeLua Maui grown coffee product (an APVG company) while waiting or take home some beans. 

In some locations, PlugHUBS will also feature a Tropical Reef Travel Cafe (Travel Cafe), another one of 3 targeted future public companies APVG is developing (as shown in the above rendering). Both of their websites are currently in development.


Look For A PlugHUB Coming In Early 2021

Our initial PlugHUBS will be located 

along the highways between Las

Vegas and up and down the State of

California, Arizona and Utah by the end

of 2021and by 2022 we plan to be on

all of the Hawaiian islands. No firm 

locations have yet been secured.


PlugHUBS are designed to replace the

many gas stations that now exist in

all cities, which sit on just under an

acre of well located land. The design

rendering on the right represents an

average PlugHUB site, and sits on .68

acres lot (200' x 150' = 30,000 SF).

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