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Welcome to Our 

Founders Club Membership Sign-up Page 

We intend to offer a Bronze, Silver and Gold 

individual Founders Club membership level, plus

a VIP business membership at monthly member

fees shown below. Benefits of each are outlined 

in more detail on each of their own web pages

on this website.


Our monthly fee income will be allocated as follows: 30% to support the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation 

ocean issue awareness programs and initiatives, 40% will be allocated to Integrated Ventures to build-out its proposed Impact Venture Parks and 30% will be allocated to the production of our podcast series.


This is an exclusive membership program that provides access to various online content, including, but not limited to our private uncensored AngelPreneur blog, the AngelPreneur: Building The Dream In Real Time video podcast series, as well as the two audio podcast series. As a bonus we gift each member a number ofFounders Stock at no added cost, depending on their membership level, in Integrated Impact Driven Ventures business, in the form of a redeemable certificate to be issued on or before December 2022 or upon conducting our proposed Direct Public Offering (DPO).


The Founders Shares offered to members are gifted as our way of saying thank you for helping support our various efforts to build-out our business and CBO Foundation programs and initiatives. This should NOT be viewed in any way as an investment offer or any similar offer, and no guarantee can or is hereby made that we will in fact be able to build-out our business as outlined, or conduct a DPO of shares in the future.


All members must acknowledge that you are joining the Founders Club purely for the various content and entertainment value when joining. An advance payment option offers a 20% discount when prepaid for the initial 22 Month membership term (March 2021 to December 2022) as noted below. Prepaid memberships must be paid in USD cash. If desired, members can make prepayments using crypto-currency (Bitcoin, or BitcoinCASH), by visiting the crypto-currency payment page to obtain our wallet address. We will manually add you to the membership within 48 hours.

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