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This page will feature the latest APVG and related press releases, video features, news articles and other media starting in late 2019, as we introduce more details about our series, ocean issues and projects. 

One Man’s Trash Is Some Fish’s Treasure 5/23/17
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Destination CoCos Island: One of the Sharkiest Places on Earth 5/22/17 Mission 
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Plastic waste turned into clothes, to save our oceans  A film by Amelia Martyn-Hemphill for BBC World Hacks. click here
For Midway Atoll’s birds, plastic is the main dish By Jennifer Hackett 2/9/15 click here
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a soupy collection of marine debris—mostly plastics. National click here

We developed our exclusive AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our

Members will help us increase awareness of

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