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Overview of The MAUI

Aerial SKYPOD Transit System

APVG's proposed Maui SkyPOD Transit System (SKYP), is a solar powered aerial POD transit system using a technology developed by Swifttram APM of Colorado. Under our concept, we would look to install what we call our Maui SKYPOD system within our proposed Maui Aquarium Plaza Resort (seen elsewhere), and will be jointly developed by APVG and SwiftTram.


Taking this concept further, we first started this transit model as a proposed MagLev train network in 2011, but it proved too costly. In 2018 we discovered the SwiftTram model, and elected to explore using this transit system for our resort, as well as a possible islandwide transit system solution (seen below).  

APVG is not aware of any SKYPOD transit systems being in operation as of mid 2019, although we believe this concept, especially when applying a solar electric grid above its aerial rail as we propose to do, offers a unique inner-island transit opportunity for Maui, for both the transportation of people and goods. This business model is in the development stage, but our goal is to fund, build and operate such a system if deemed feasible, subject to all approvals.

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