Overview of the Proposed

KaffeLua Maui Coffee Co.

Next to a good glass of wine, nothing makes The Shark happier than a great cup of Maui, Hawaiian grown coffee, which he discovered many years ago as Maui was always one of his favorite destinations.


A few years ago while designing his proposed Maui Aquarium Plaza Golf Resort & Spa, he elected to design it around a West Maui coffee plantation, and developed his own coffee brand called KaffeLua Maui Coffee Company (KaffeLua), which he finally about to launch in 2021.  


The KaffeLua business model is simple. He will acquire the beans and have a third party on Maui roast them under his brand name, then provide it exclusively for consumption and sale within the APVG Tropical Reef Travel CafesAirwater PlugHUBS and other restaurants within the group, plus through the ReefShark Apparel online store.


The Shark's biggest concern is getting his hands on enough Coffee Beans to satisfy the demand, because APVG partners, FoundersClub members, our PodCast subscribers, employees and customers are going to drink, buy and sell a lot of great KaffeLua Coffee in the coming years. 

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