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Most private equity Investors understand the “risk vs reward” ratio when investing in start-up businesses or similar programs. As a rule of thumb, one or two of ten companies that start out ever succeed, but those that do can make a small fortune.


At times, however, even some very educated Accredited Investors refuse to understand or accept the fact that things beyond the control the operators, such as in the case of the CoVid-19 Pandemic, which has greatly impacted businesses worldwide - can just happen and cause a business to fail or result in a total investment loss. 


In those cases we entrepreneurs simply need time to redesign or alter our business plans. We know that even failure is merely a part of any journey toward success. The Shark  has always said “Nothing worth building ever comes easy or without some failures along the way.”


Once in a while you get the sore loser Investor, who simply expects every deal to make them a fortune. One who thinks anything less than success must simply be a fraud, even when they claim they knew the risks going in. These people cannot accept failure, and The Shark has had a couple of them over the years.


Looking back, however, The Shark feels fortunate in many ways, because most of his investors on projects, continue to support his efforts to reach that finish line. They know that once he does, each one of them, whether involved in that certain project or not, will at the very minimum get their initial investment back and then some.


Not because The Shark has a legal obligation to do so, but because even though the project these investors may have came in on fails, he feels returning whatever they invested originally is the least he can do for their support over the years when he strikes gold. 


This goes equally for any vendors, associates, silent partners, friends, family members or even some of his former employees who were a part of any former projects, whether they failed or succeeded. Of course, those who choose to throw The Shark under the tank, well, let's just say they're at the bottom of his list.


Although The Shark knows almost all of the investors and partners he has had over the year personally, and has talked with many of them as things were refined over the years, if you are one such person, feel free to drop him a line directly again through this site to discuss any issues or get a personal update on the what lies ahead. 

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