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Overview of APVG's

Maui Solar Power Company

Integrated Solar Solutions (ISS) is a core APVG proposed company that is developing a stand-alone power grid for our proposed resort development and other related projects. The goal is to build-out and manage a large scale solar electric generating farm comprised of stand-alone collection systems using a network of roof-top panels, carport canopies, plus the Smartflower solar sun-tracker system as seen in the above video.

Assuming our resort development proceeds, ISS will provide 100% of the power required for the entire resort. They will seek to work with local or regional electric generating companies to offer surplus power into their grid, whenever possible. It may also elect to partner with them to manage its power grid long-term.  

ISS is also developing the solar grid design for the proposed Maui Aerial SKYPOD Transit system concept being engineered and designed for APVG's proposed Maui resort development. That design includes a network of electric car charging stations along the aerial track towers that will provide quick charging.

Although we propose to use the SmartFlower tracking system, a ground-mounted solar panel unit that tracks opens each morning, tracks the sun throughout the day, closes at sunset, plus offers a number of other high-tech features, we are not certain it will be cost effect or available on the scale we seek. This ‘smart’ solar panel system is an all-in-one, self-sustaining system that differs greatly from the traditional solar roof panel systems.

The biggest difference between a rooftop solar system and the ground mounted SmartFlower system is that it is a great alternative to fixed rooftop solar installation issues and reduce energy output. Many rooftop systems may need to be customized to account for like roof type and space availability, but with the ground-mounted SmartFlower module, you have the freedom to install the system wherever there is sufficient exposure to sunlight. 

The SmartFlower unit itself is 194 SF in size (15 foot round when open) and includes a dual axis tracker so that it can follow the sun throughout the day to maximize its solar energy production. According to Smartflower’s website, this translates into a 40% increase in production over a similar sized rooftop solar panel system.

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