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Overview of APVG's

HumidaPure WaterMakers 

HumidaPure AirWater Company (HAWC), in conjunction with Specialty Design

Build Group (SDBG), both APVG companies, are developing water-making

equipment for multiple applications, similar to the EcoloBlue  systems seen in

the above video. The design objective is to convert humid airflows found in most

cities, coastal areas and tropical islands, into fresh drinking water on an individual consumer level, and large scale basis, while also cooling the air within a building that hosts the equipment. In short, our systems will be a new HVAC system that can also produce water for the needs of a home or business.

HPWC will play an important role in our ability to building our proposed Aquarium Plaza Resort, whereever it may be built, into the fully sustainable resort we plan or envision, not only by generating its own solar electric power, but also its own fresh water supply.


Any tropical island destination is perfect to "Milk" water from the "Humidity Rich" airflows. As outlined in this rendering, the process can be operated entirely with solar power. It could even solve some of the local water issues that may exist.

APVG believes HumidaPure can produce enough ongoing fresh water to fill its proposed resort golf course lakes, which are used for irrigation of both the course and vineyard development, plus provide adequate fresh filtered drinking water for all aspects of our developments. In addition, our smaller water-makers will also provide air conditioning while generating water for individual apartments, condominiums, retail/commercial spaces and our proposed 400 plus luxury hotel and conference center.


Surplus water will be drinkable, and sold under the AirWater brand within local retail locations, used within all our resort restaurant operations, and to make ice. In areas will excessive humidity, and little rain, like the Island of Maui, we plan to develop a sustainable water-making plant to provide a stable means of enduring water security for years to come. A system that could be duplicated in other regions worldwide. 

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