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Addressing Global Issues That Impact All Our Lives

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Welcome to 2023, the "Year of Contraction" as people everywhere start to realize that the lies and deceptions fed them by our global governments and mainstream media worldwide, start unraveling with the truth. From the fake Covid scamdemic that has altered our lives the past three years  to the ongoing geoengineering of our weather and climate. Humanity is under attack from within everywhere and most people simply refuse to see it or give a crap as they live within their MATRIX delusions.

It has been over seven months since my last podcast on May 1, 2022. As the events of last year unfolded I discovered things that caused me to once again reflect on the direction of my life and business. Let's face it, our country in particular, but the world in general is heading toward a cliff. Our future Is heading to a place that is not good. 

So I intend to relaunch my Podcast series later this mont to help awaken those who will listen to the facts and truth of the issues, and research the sources I provide them so they can research the issues themselves. It may come off as doom and gloom, but I consider myself an Apocaloptimist: Someone who knows it’s all going to shit but still thinks things will turn out fine.

For over 25 years now I have worked to address the many issues our oceans face, from toxic pollution to overfishing to shark finning and the plastic waste issues. The Covid Scamdemic has increased the use of plastic bags and items to an even greater level.

I launched a number of for-profit businesses and concepts designed to fund my 501c3 non-profit with onl limited success.


As painful as that may have been, the vaccine mandates required to keep a job or travel or just function within society clearly showed me that although most people still believe they are free in America, we are not. Things have changed for the worst! When you are forced to inject an unproven drug or any other substance into your body without your conscent - you are NO Longer FREE.

The self-appointed global elite, like the CDC, FDA, WHO, United Nations and corporate titans who have collectively colluded on a global depopulation agenda from the early 1960's on. That has been well written about and I have shared it many times in my prior podcasts.  However, what few talk about is that all are merely puppets of the Universalists (the Aligns who manage us).

We are not alone on this planet, and frankly never have been. Sadly humans have destroyed our planet to a point that we are now actively experiencing and living through the sixth extinction event on Earth.  The signs are all around us, and history has shown us that many civilazations have disappeard before.

As an example: have you ever wondered if your food is safe to eat? Well you might be surprised to learn or disturbed to discover just what large corporate farmlands use to help grow the produce we eat. Watch "BioSludged", a free documentary and view a real eye-opener! The case for growing your own.

The greatest imediate threat to humanity and the planet next to a full-blown nuclear war, however, may well be hidden in the air around us. The geoengineering of our skies for over 75 years by our government, and others as wetaher weapons of warfare against itheir enemies, and also directed at us. 

The Climate Warriors are using geoengineering to create droughts, floods and steer hurricanes, but they are collectively killing off Earth's eco and bio systems at a rapid pace, including our oceans. I urge you to watch the video documentary below called "The Dimming" to learn what is being sprayed into our skies and how it has impacted all our lives already, and will in the future. 


I also encourage you to check out for a daily dose of reality-based news from over 60 outlets from around the world. Trust me, this is the news our government and corporate media does not want you to see, read or learn about, as it conflicts with their scripted narratives. 

I will share my perspectives in my new podcast series: Perspectives From Outside The Matric beginning iMarch 1, 2023. The time to remain silent has long past. It will take all of us to stop the lies, deceptions and corruption of our government to drive the changes needed to save ourselves, our planet and future for our children.

None of the above mentioned links or websites are paid sponsors of my podcast. If you wish to help fund our CBO foundation awareness efforts you can Zelle your tax-deductible contributions to us directly at We thank you for your support and consideration. 

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