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Membership & Revenue Growth Projections For The 

The AngelPreneur Founders Club

The AngelPreneur Founders Club is an exclusive private membership program offered by the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc (APVG). The member growth and revenue figures projected on the chart below were developed by us with several known assumptions and fixed monthly growth targets. All are likely to change substantially with actual growth figures, up or down, based on our launch date and success in attracting members. All levels have fixed maximum memberships made available, with a maximum of 4,000 individual memberships and 50 business memberships by design.


The chart also reflects the term of our gifted Founders Shares bonus offer through November 2022, at which time no additional Founders Shares will be offered and this benefit will cease. Members are not required to convert accrued shares into actual equity shares in a yet to be established Impact Ventures related public company. However, they will lose conversion right if not done by December 31, 2022, prior to our proposed Direct Public Offering (DPO).

NOTE: Founders Club members will also receive Founders Shares in the same values for our proposed PlugHUBS DPO offering, which may occur first and prior to the November 2022 term ending date. Shares accrued up to 30 days prior to any DPO will be the maximum gifted shares under this program.


Note: No guaranty can be nor is made hereby that Integrated Ventures or APVG can in fact offer a DPO in the future for one or more of the proposed companies as outlined, and all members acknowledge they are joining the Founders Club solely for educational and entertainment purposes only, and not for investment purposes.

FC Member & Shares Chart.png

Although the above chart offers a glimpse into what The Shark considers a new Podcast Crowdfunding strategy, offering a consistent monthly cashflow from which to establish and fund our initial ongoing operations, it will require substantial additional capital to build-out the proposed Integrated Ventures vision. Additional funding will come from State and Federal grants, private investors, debt financing and through our AngelPreneur Venture Fund, a proposed offshore Crypto-currency Income Fund (under development). We expect to be cashflow positive by year three, 2023.

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