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Thank you for considering using some of your Cryptocurrency to make a contribution to our CBO Foundation to help increase awareness of and address ocean issues, or join our FoundersClub VIP membership for $5,000 per year in advance.

To simplify the purchase process, and accept crypto payments, we established a core crypto wallet on the Coinbase exchange, with sub-accounts. Before you make a purchase, however, we wanted to share a few things you need to know about the launch status and our refund policies. 


All crypto payments made flow through our Coinbase wallet for the exclusive benefit and use by the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc., (APVG), a Hawaii corporation, for the intended purposes outlined below by the three sub-account links.  Donations or contributions contributed to the CBO Foundation 

can NOT be considered tax-deductible under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code of the U.S. 


Any payment made and accepted by us for any program, initiative, project, membership or subscription is NOT to be deemed an investment in any current or future APVG projects, programs or companies.  We track all cumulative contributions made via your email address and name, for our exclusive in-house purposes. We do not sell or allow any of our email or subscriber lists be used by third parties, not even our stand-alone companies.


Our goal is to deliver the values and benefits listed below or on a related website, although some may not yet be active. The intended use-of-proceeds and refund policies are briefly outlined below. To make a contribution or payment, click on the logo of interest.


                                          We sincerely appreciate any and all contributions made to our Clear Blue Oceans

                                          Foundation (CBO Foundation), our private Hawaii non-profit organization initially

                                          established in 2007, and then in Hawaii in 2019. Our goal and objective is to help

                                          increase awareness of the ocean related issues, including, plastic waste and

                                          marine debris reduction, ending overfishing, shark finning, promote marine life  

                                          and reef conservation efforts, and help fund regional coastal clean-up projects.

                                         Visit their website to learn more.  No refunds offered as we hope your contribution

                                         is intended to help us accomplish our stated goals. We accept cash and Crypto.

The AngelPreneur Founders Club VIP annual membership fee of

USD $5,000 is due in advance (saves $1,000) and can be paid using  

any crypto-currency in the Coinbase system. A link will be activated

once we launch this site. Monthly VIP membership fees of $500 per

month should be paid though our PayPal standard online system.

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