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APVG Founder Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann, aka: The Shark 

(featured in the logo and seen in the videos on this website) hosts this free audio PodcastThe AngelPreneur: Weekly Review of Business & Ocean Issues (Audio Podcast).


Our 30 minute weekly Audio PodCast is made available for free downloading from this webpage, and other podcast streaming platforms, identified with the cover shown here on the right. 

 We are in the final stages of getting it ready for release, and have already recorded our initial weekly episode #101, plus several bonus 

podcasts identified by single digits, starting with #1, an introduction of the podcast goals, objectives, structure and other features. 

Beginning in mid October, the Episode Cover links shown with brief outlines will go live for download. Each Episode will feature three sponsors, mainly our signature sponsor the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation), and two  outside paid sponsors (contact us through this site if interested in sponsoring one or more podcasts). All proceeds are provided to the CBO Foundation as The Shark will explain.

Each audio podcast will feature a brief introduction and outline of that episodes content, starting with a recap of news items of interest, political issues in the news, travel issues of interest, and then ocean related facts on issues we all need to become aware of. It won't be boring! The Shark will tell it like it is, in a no bullshit manor, which will be entertaining and sometimes nasty in tone, but hard truth and fact based. 









Audio Podcast Episode #101

Week Ending 10/4/2020


What a first week, as President Trump gets Covid, heads to Walter Reed Medical Center. Meanwhile the stock Market reacts, stimulus talks stall again and our oceans get more plastic packaging dumped into them.









Audio Podcast Episode #102

Week Ending 10/11/2020


President Trump returns to White House after three days at  Walter Reed Medical Center, and ends the week fully recovered and ready to hit the Campaign trail. Covid helps reduce overfishing, mainly due to restaurant lockdowns.









Audio Podcast Episode #103

Week Ending 10/25/2020


Trump has his first rally of 30,000 

people, Biden has one with less than 100, yet we are told he is 15 points ahead in the polls. This week is still unfolding.









Podcast Bonus Episode #1

The Shark shares his goals and the structure of this podcast 










Podcast Bonus Episode #4

The Shark shares the goals of our non-profit CBO Foundation 










Podcast Bonus Episode #2

The Shark shares his News sources 

and resources for this podcast 










Podcast Bonus Episode #5

The Shark shares his goals for the AngelPreneur Venture Group










Podcast Bonus Episode #3

The Shark shares his political views on the state of our government 










Podcast Bonus Episode #6

The Shark shares his social media tools of preferrence 


The above cover links will go live for free download soon, and made available exclusively through this website page. Additional bonus episodes will be produced as time rolls on, as promoted in the weekly episodes. If you wish to support our CBO Foundation ocean issue awareness efforts, programs and initiatives with a non-tax-deductible contribution, you may do so here, and we thank you for your support in advance.  Also, please consider joining the FoundersClub and become part of our story long-term. 

We developed our AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of like-minded Entrepreneurs who seek a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our Members

will help us increase awareness of the many

ocean issues and address the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They will help launch the companies that provide a 

solution to the issues and along the way, share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!