Overview of The

MSD$ Referral Program 

The MySandDollars.com (MSD$) online travel rewards program is perhaps our most important business models. In a joint venture with the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation), our ocean focused non-profit, we intend to build a global membership of ocean activists to help us spread our many ocean issue awareness messages. In the process, our paying members will help fund its programs and initiatives.

Once MSD$ is online publicly, expected to be in mid 2021, we hope to build it into the top online ocean information resource, and to help build it, The Shark (our Founder), developed a simple and unique income opportunity to not just drive membership growth, but revenue growth as well. A home-based business that fits well into the new Covid world to allow participating members to make up to $9,300 per month, every month.

We know what you are thinking!  Is this another multi-level marketing program where I need to hold meetings, recruit new people to build a downline and buy products to sell? The answer is NO. All you need to do is become a paying MSD$ member at any level (AngelFish, SeaTurtle, StingRay or BigKaTuna). As a paying member, one of the exclusive benefits will be your ability to opt into the MSD$ Membership Referral Income Opportunity (MRIO).


It will cost $150 to join the MRIO

program, which covers the initial

set-up and administration costs,

plus the issuance of a branded

and personalized MSD$ Debit - 

Credit Card. This is the card we

will post your monthly referral

income to, less a 3% monthly

transaction fee. Once enrolled,

you receive an account number

and series of related MSD$ ads

pre linked with your account 

that can be posted within you 

emails, websites and any social

media accounts. 

Your job, if we can call it that,

will be to simply share our

programs, its intended ocean-

related objectives and ask your

online friends, family and

associates to join MSD$ for free

to check it. Everyone joins as a

free StarFish MSD$ member, as

it is the default membership



We project 60% of free members

will likely upgrade to a paying level

of their choice within three months.

That's it! That is all you need to do.

As the chart on the right shares,

you will earn $0.50 for every free

member monthly, up to 500 free

StarFish members monthly. When

they upgrade, it will free a slot for

another free member, which will

likely be automatic from those

who joined after you max out the

free side of the model. You earn

15% of all paid membership fees 

of those that result from your link,

up to the maximum number of

members in each level as shown.


To participate you must be 18 years of age, have legal residence in either the United States or Canada, with a social security number or tax ID number. We are looking at the Caribbean, United Kingdom, Europe and Mexico as additional markets in late 2021 or 2022.


Participants will have an online account that tracks the active number of direct referrals by membership level, however, we will never disclose those members names, account details or where they came from. You are not required to sell them a membership, only provide links to the targeted free MSD$ member sign-up page online through your personal social media and email resources.


Sounds to good to be true? It is! But welcome to the new digital world of cyber communications. Our goal is to grow the membership, and the cost to acquire members can be extremely high. We simple elected to empower the very ocean and travel member activists to help us build the membership, and reward you for doing so.


In addition to the potential income that can be earned, participants will earn a SD$ bonus based on their membership level as follows: 10 SD$ (for AngelFish), 20 SD$ (for SeaTurtles), 30 SD$ (for StingRay) and 40 SD$ (for BigKaTuna) and 50 SD$ (for our ReefSharks) for every active member they referred, each and every month.


SD$ will be redeemable for destination travel offers and logo merchandise online through the MSD$ website. We limited the maximum income possible to allow as many as possible to participate, and reduce the risk of spamming. Any account found to be spamming will be terminated and all income lost.


The chart above was developed merely to show the maximum income levels and earning potential. Actual results will vary by member participant based on their own efforts, link locations and social contacts. The goal is to help us drive the ocean messages by directing people to our sites to watch videos and push messages, while earning SD$ to use for destination travel.


Members are not required to join the MRIO program, as it is 100% opt in. An annual membership fee of $50 will be assessed to be paid outside the account to ensure members remain alive and well. This program is still in development and subject to state and federal tax withholdings, laws and may not be available in all jurisdictions.  

The MSD$ travel rewards program is designed to become a new online resource for ocean information, while engaging its members in a fun and rewarding program that self-funds the ocean-issue awareness campaigns of our CBO Foundation, fund coastal clean-up projects and related groups. 

To ensure our membership base that their paid memberships help us accomplish our stated goals, and that the funds are not wasted, APVG has developed a pre-set paid membership fee allocation structure it will follow long-term as outlined in the above chart. It covers the four key paid membership levels to be offered under the program, with allocations as follows:

     40% CBO Foundation: The MSD$ will become the principal self-funding engine that drives the growth of  

     the CBO Foundation non-profit programs and initiatives. It will receive a forty-percent (40%) share of all

     paid membership fees monthly. As funding grows, they will sponsor other ocean-focused organizations,

     coastal clean-up projects and even build its proposed Marine Debris Recovery fleet as outlined on its


     25% MySandDollars Travel Rewards (MSDTR): This is the APVG owned MSD$ program management

     company that will administer the program. They will receive a twenty-five-percent (25%) share of all paid

     membership fees monthly. This fee income will cover all general administration and operational costs,

     including all personnel related costs, benefits, credit card transaction fees, our MRIO program and

     overhead costs.  

     20% MSD$ Travel Rewards Fund: The Rewards Fund will be established to pool a twenty-percent (20%)

     allocations of all paid membership fees monthly. It principal purpose will be to acquire destination lodging,

     cruise cabins, airfare, car rentals and related travel merchandise or assets in bulk for member travel

     reward redemption for the virtual SD$ earned online.   

     15% MRIO Compensation: As stated at the beginning of this webpage, we will allocated fifteen-percent

     (15%) of all paid membership fees paid monthly for compensation under our exclusive Membership

     Referral Income Opportunity (MRIO) program. This is an opt in program available only to paid members as

     an added benefit. Income is limited under $10,000 monthly, per member, by design to avoid the mass

     marketing of the program through the internet (which would cause immediate termination).  

In summary, 100% of all monthly

paid members fees will be fully

allocated under the above stated

value structure. As the sample

model on the right shares, this 

will lead to a substantial funding

resource for our CBO Foundation

and ensures a long-term growth

of members and travel rewards.


It is important to note that this

chart is merely a projected value

summary based on yet unproven

membership level participants.

The actual values will vary month

over month as determined by the

actual paid members in each level. 

Members collectively will drive the success of the MSD$ program and its membership growth. We project to have over five million members, with three million paying members by 2025. Imagine what we can all do to help the oceans heal. How we can educate the global public about better plastic waste management, reusable products and sustainable energy options. That is our collective mission, and we hope you will join us once we launch. 


We developed our AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of like-minded Entrepreneurs who seek a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our Members

will help us increase awareness of the many

ocean issues and address the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They will help launch the companies that provide a 

solution to the issues and along the way, share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!