Overview of the Weekly

AngelPreneur Business Report

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​Starting in April 2021 The Shark and his team will begin publishing

 The AngelPreneur Business Report (BIZ Report) a free weekly full

color digital PDF magazine. It will be sent directly to our subscribers

and all Founders Club members e-mail addresses.  Our BIZ Report

will offer useful information helping reduce plastic packaging use,

on the upcoming podcast series features and stories, share details

about the ocean issues, news on Integrated Ventures businesses,

and showcase new ReefShark Apparel & Accessories. products. 

Our goal is to provide an informative publication that will offer a

limited number of pages (20%) for select advertisers and our VIP

Founders Club members.  Each issue will feature an Integrated

Ventures business, CBO Foundation awareness program or related

initiative, plus our management team members.  This division will

also produce the CBO Ocean Messenger Magazine.


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