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Overview of APVG's

CBO Marine Debris Group 

As part of the CBO Foundation Initiative to Reduce Ocean Plastic Waste within the Caribbean, APVG has partnered with them to build and manage their fleet of proposed combination cargo freighter and cruise ships (similar to the Aranui 5 shown above sailing within the South Pacific delivering cargo). We call this division our CBO Marine Debris Recovery Group (CBO Marine Group).

In lieu of the freighter part of these ships, the CBO Marine Group fleet will be designed to provide the necessary beach and coastal clean-up equipment and boats needed to address remote coastal or island site clean-up missions. They will come complete with cranes, mobile food and beverage operations, full medical, onboard waste storage and ship-to-site transportation operations. 

The cruise cabin portion of the ships would be similar, allowing us to offer extended remote island or coastal clean-up cruises, once built. These cabins will be offered exclusively to members of the Tropical Reef Travel Rewards (TRTR)  MySandDollar$.com  (MSD$) online rewards program.

Each clean-up mission will run for two, four or even six weeks, leaving out of our Puerto Rico hub beginning as early as 2024. Initial missions will target the greater Caribbean Islands, up through and including the Bahamas, turks and Caicos.  As our global online MSD$ membership grows, so will the CBO Marine Group fleet, as we expand it to offer similar clean-up expeditions within the South and North Pacific regions to address the North Pacific (Plastic Waste) Gyre. ​


Our proposed ships will offer a variety of accommodations, including facilities such as pool, restaurant and bars. They will not feature traditional shipboard entertainment, as they are intended as mission-orientated working vacations, . designed for adults only over 18 years of age. Cruisers will get an opportunity to visit remote destination islands few will ever get to see, while contributing to our overall common goal of ocean and beach marine debris removal.


Ships will be classified as small cruise vessels accommodating up to 200 member eco-passengers, in 30 executive suites and 30 deluxe suites with balconies sold to members at a discount. They will also feature 40 window-only staterooms reserved for MSD$ members who wish to volunteer for work crews, plus other non-profit organizations, who can obtain these cabins free for services rendered. 

Stay tuned for more about this exciting eco-adventure vacation opportunity and initiative.

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We developed our exclusive AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge.

Our Members help us increase awareness

of ocean issues and addressing the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They help us launch the companies to help

solve these issues and along the way, can share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!