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An Overview of The
CBO Vision Project & Initiative Portfolio

Impact Ventures Chart 2022 for web.png

The above chart shows the big picture view of the overall CBO Vision Plan and its proposed operating structure.  The structure is designed to offer a transparent overview of how we separate the non-profit side of the CBO Foundation efforts with the for-profit ventures that will help fund them long-term.

 Collectively this represents the portfolio of the proposed companies, programs and initiatives as of January 1, 2022.  We are currently in the process of completing an integrated and updated CBO Vision Plan, building our various management teams and getting ready to start launching them . 


Our websites are therefore being edited in real time and not all content may be accurate at this time. We plan to have these sites updated by the end of November. Not all of our sites are mobile ready and the best viewing will be by way of desk or laptop computer.


Once underway we will develop and operate all of the companies, programs and initiatives outlined on this site, subject to funding. A brief description of each of their intended goals and objectives is outlined on this page below. Individual content web pages are being developed and will be linked off the logos when available.  We hope to have them all up by the end of June.


CBO Programs & Initiatives - On The Launch Pad

CBO FundRazr Logo.png

One of the first things we are doing is launching the CBO FundRazr rewards-based crowdfunding campaign on  What will make it unique over similar crowdfunding campaigns is our one ounce (1oz) .999 pure CBO Silver SandDollar Medallion that we offer donors as a free gift, for every $250 in paid contribution.

CBO Medallion Poster.jpg

Our CBO Silver Medallion, seen above, Will become the ultimate reward that we offer donors once they have contributed $250 in total cumulative value to the campaign. In fact, they will receive a CBO Silver

Medallion for every $250 of value contributed in cash, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Once they have contributed 1000 or more dollars they become a member of our exclusive CBO Founders Club.

Those who contribute less to the campaign will receive a number of reward items, mainly in the form of gift certificates, of $25 to $50 for making a purchase in our online ReefShark Apparel & Accessories store. They can spend it in part or fully on any logo-branded products we offer, or keep it for future use when our product list grows.

As an example, someone who contributes $5,000 to the campaign would receive twenty (20) CBO Silver

Medallions in addition to other credit vouchers, at no cost as our way of saying thank you. Medallions

 will be shipped to them, if desired once minted, or they can redeem them for a $100 ReefShark Credit Certificate for each Silver Medallion they wish to convert. As an option, they can accrue these credits for special travel offers we will develop with our other programs.

The quarterly CBO Messenger Magazine (Messenger), will become a 48 page minimum full-color digital magazine distributed online, with limited print editions to be sent to libraries, doctor offices and other waiting room settings. The goal is to share the ocean issues: including ocean plastic packaging waste, now face mask waste, global overfishing and shark finning for soup practices. To share the impacts each has on the oceans and our own lives, while offering solutions.

The Messenger will share the importance of our oceans with readers and educate them on the fact our oceans represent our largest natural food and oxygen resource on Earth. They also absorb a massive amount of carbon. It will also showcase our own progress on projects or programs.

CBO Ocean_messenger_cover 2020.jpg

Future APVG Legacy Project Pending Funding

Marissa Reef Lgo cpy.png

The CBO Easate Vineyard, once built, will become home to our Founder's Marissa's Reef For Heavenly Helpers, an aquatic memorial exhibit designed to honor his lost granddaughter "Marissa Reyes", born on his birthday in 1998.

CBO Vineyard Logo 2.png .png

Since true Entrepreneurs never retire, the CBO Vineyards (CBO Vineyards) is our Founder's retirement project and he hopes it will become a reality by 2025. His goal is to save the oceans and marine life "one glass or bottle of wine at a time" growing and selling specialty CBO Estate wines. Destined for the Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo Wine country in California, we will seek to acquire an existing vineyard and convert it into a special place, perhaps with a smaller Marissa's Reef aquarium exhibit, his home, a tasting room with a day spa and pool for visitors. 

Sadly Marissa was swept to her death in a sudden flash flood in Carefree Arizona in August 2005 at age seven. In many ways, this project represents the DNA of the CBO Foundation and one of the reasons it was formed.  The exhibit will consist of a 50 foot round, by 35 foot tall tropical saltwater aquarium with a reef in its center (Marissas Reef). A smaller scale exhibit from the one shown in the rendering below that was part of an earlier hotel project concept slated for Maui, Hawaii.

Maui Marissa Center Tank Elevation copy.png

The Aquarium will be stocked with an estimated 200,000 reef fish and other marine life, each named after another child lost by natural causes (fire, earthquake, hurricane, floods or tornados), which we call SpiritFish or Marissa's Helpers.

The goal is to make them the Ambassadors of the Oceans in their afterlife to help educate visitors about the beauty and importance of the oceans and reefs. A single grey reef shark will swim among them representing our founder, and the reason we call him the Shark.

As the above rendering showed, we will have elevated seating around one half of the Aquarium for public viewing. It is slated now to become part of our hillside vineyard winery tasting room and restaurant with an ocean view, to further promote the oceans and related issues.

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