An Overview of

The AngelPreneur Business Portfolio

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The AngelPreneur Venture Group (APVG) is a privately held, family office like business investment and development firm. It owns, operates or partners with the above companies, some of which are not yet established and in the start-up stages.


Our active operations are Integrated Impact Driven Ventures Inc. (Integrated Ventures), our Las Vegas-based Nevada corporation, PlugHUBS Inc, our California corporation(EVPlugHUBS), and Hawaiian non-profit Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation).


Most of our ventures are designed to support these core projects as we set out collectively to build a group of socially responsible, purpose-driven companies that help create jobs, heal our planet, provide long-term food, water and energy security to the communities we serve in this ever changing world. 

Our podcasts will feature all of the above projects, and we will develop current content webpages to share more about these ventures soon, or click on the logos that take you to their own websites.