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Clear Blue Oceans Foundation

The Clear Blue Oceans Foundation Inc. (CBO Foundation) is APVG's private Hawaiian non-profit organization . Although the CBO Foundation’s primary mission is clearly rooted in environmental issues, it is not, nor does it claim to be, an environmental

group. Our Founder views us as a Hybrid non-profit, which merges its initiatives and programs with for-profit ventures to accomplish a common social objective. It is NOT a 

501 c(3) Tax-exempt organization, although it may seek that status in the future. 

The CBO Foundation’s primary goals and objectives have changed somewhat since the CoVid-19 pandemic disaster hit the world. This caused some projects and programs to be cancelled, but they will continue to

address the growing single-use plastic packaging waste crisis, increasing awareness of ocean plastic waste and marine debris.  


They will showcase the impacts plastic waste has on our coastlines, tropical islands and reefs, seek to assist in marine life conservation and clean-up efforts efforts, help reduce overfishing and eliminate shark fining practices. 


The CBO Foundation is not anti-plastic, but it will promote and seek to educate the public on ways to help reduce the daily use of plastic packaged items. To help shift the mindset of consumers and retailers at the source, the local level, through an aggressive platform designed to shift plastic packaging patterns within retail stores, restaurants and with product manufacturers, while promoting a better waste strategy.


The CBO Foundation, together with APVG companies, will offer solutions based on realistic expectations and address the negative social patterns in light of the CoVid-19 increased use of plastic based items, to reverse the damaging waste trends plastic packaging and now rubber gloves represent. Ocean plastic waste kills millions of fish, seabirds and marine life each year needlessly.


Together we can effect a meaningful change in consumption and waste management habits. The collective goal is to engage everyone directly regarding the ocean and plastic waste issues, offer solutions and reusable products. To promote sustainable seafood and waste practices in food and beverage operations, while showcasing the beauty and importance of our oceans and tropical reefs.

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We developed our AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of like-minded Entrepreneurs who seek a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our Members

will help us increase awareness of the many

ocean issues and address the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They will help launch the companies that provide a 

solution to the issues and along the way, share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!

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