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We Welcome Cash, plus  

BitCoin & Cryptocurrencies

The Shark was an early adapter of the BitCoin crypto-

currency Bitcoin in 2011, and elected to accept not just cash in USD, but a portfolio of crypto-currencies, including for donations to our CBO Foundation. This includes 

BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ethereum,  and USD Coin, through CoinBase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange.


The Shark remembers a time that you could buy 10,000 Bitcoins for USD $600, and once owned 20,000 at one point, and helped fund his projects over the years. In 2011, when BitCoin grew to one USD dollar ($1.00)) per coin, with just 5 million in circulation, we knew that one day crypto-currency could replace the USD dollar. Yet none of us never thought it would reach over USD $40,000 per coin as it did recently for a brief time in 2021.


The Shark now believes Bitcoin may grow to $100,000 or more one day. Blockchain technologies have come a long way since 2010, with greatly improved exchanges and security features.  Today, 10 years after The Shark first discovered BitCoin, they are valued at over $30,000 each, and despite being burned by several now defunct crypto-exchanges during the initial years 10 years, The Shark wishes he still had his former stash of coins lost due to losing access to his secure wallets.  

The Shark still believes in crypto-currency and many of The Shark's international friends, associates and Founders Club members of the BitCoin entrepreneurs network he is involved with have already expressed an interest in using BitCoin to help us address the ocean issues and build our projects. Some of these Bitcoiners have made small fortunes over the past six months alone. 


We expect many of our VIP Founders Club members to join us by paying the $5,000 annual fee in advance with Bitcoin. This allows us to use more of the funds for our purposes initially. Through Coinbase, we will also accept BitCoin Cash - a fractional, yet separate version of BitCoin currently valued around USD $428 per coin as of 2/2/21.  The other cryptocurrencies are younger and even less costly to own, so we have included them as well as payment options.  


Membership fees are converted based on the value of the crypto-currency used at the time the member joins.  Crypto-currencies are volatile and subject to swing substantially up or down in value. Once paid, we assume that risk. We have established our CoinBase wallets to accept payment in a centralized system. To learn more about the world of BitCoin, and cryptocurrencies we suggest you subscribe to BitCoin Magazine


Note, all cryptocurrency or cash payments provided, whether for a CBO Foundation donation, membership fees or subscription are not tax-deductible in the U.S., nor do they represent ANY form of investment in or equity-based purchase of, any of our proposed projects, programs or related companies or productions. 

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