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Aquarium Restaurant Group 

The Aquarium Restaurant Group (AQRG), has developed several full service aquarium themed food and beverage concepts, These projects have been placed on hold due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Some of the projects may still be incorporated into other projects, including our signature 16,000 SF BIG BOX destination Aquarium Gallery Restaurant, designed for the ever growing vacancies of large retail spaces in malls across America. These are well suited for mall owners looking to revive their centers.


AQRG developed a10,000 SF smaller stand-alone version called the Aquarium Grill & Bistro, designed for parking lots within shopping centers or similar key locations with adequate parking.  Our specialty brewpub concept, a 6,000 SF full service restaurant called Captain Rehab’s Entrepreneur Wreck Saloon, was developed mainly for island, harbor or coastal destination.

The conceptual floor plan renderings shown above  are subject to change with actual placement locations, and were developed to allow for project estimating purposes. Although developed for application almost anywhere, they were developed to feature multiple saltwater aquariums, set in a tropical theme and intended to become destination style food and entertainment venues, to promote the CBO Foundation ocean awareness issues. 


APVG is talking with established food and beverage chain operators who have expressed an interest in joint venturing one or more of our proposed brands, or acquire the entire group. We may develop one of each model within Las Vegas by 2021, if the CoVid-19 trends become more favorable. 

We developed our exclusive AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our

Members will help us increase awareness of

the ocean issues and address the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They help us launch the companies to help

solve this issue and along the way, can share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!

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