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Aquarium Plaza Resort 

Although years in the future, APVG and CBO Foundation will jointly develop its proposed Aquarium Plaza Resort and Spa (Aquarium Plaza), a diverse, self-sustaining all suite resort hotel and Spa, We considered sites on the island of Maui, Hawaii, although due to CoVid-19, we are now considering a Santa Barbara, California, vineyard site for the project.

The Aquarium Plaza Hotel will serve as the base for The Sharks legacy Marissa's Reef For Heavenly Helpers aquatic memorial exhibit, consisting of a 60-100 foot round, by 70-80 foot tall saltwater aquarium. It will be free to visit and located in the open air entry lobby of the hotel (as seen in the conceptual elevation below).


As seen in the above rendering, of an initial slope side Maui, Hawaii location, a full clear tube walkway is designed to encircle the inside base of the Aquarium tank, to allow locals and guests to experience the underwater beauty of Marissa's Reef.  The proposed exhibit will offer five (5) rows of seating around 180 degrees of the aquarium tank, facing the sunset towards the offshore islands of Molokai and Lanai.


The Aquarium exhibit honors The Shark's first Granddaughter Marissa, born on his birthday in 1998. Sadly, at the age of seven she was swept to her death in an August 2005 flash flood in Carefree Arizona. In addition, the saltwater Aquarium shown above in its largest design format, would also feature over 200,000 reef fish, turtles, stingrays and other reef life each designated a SpiritFish, named after and honoring other children lost due to natural events.  

No guarantee can be made that APVG will be successful in our efforts to build the Aquarium Plaza Resort & Spa or Marissa's Reef as currently conceived or designed. Once a suitable site has been located, a more defined project layout will be rendered. Our proposed California vineyard exhibit would be downsized from the rendering shown above, to include a 60 foot round by 70 foot tall aquarium.


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