APVG Portfolio of Companies

Building Socially Responsible Companies

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The APVG Portfolio Represents 

The Mother-of-all Start-ups

The logos shown below represent some of the core APVG business models and projects it has already launched, or heading to the Launch pad in 2020. The companies are owned and operated directly by APVG, along with various divisions not shown, that support its development activities, and proposed resort development operations in the future. 

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The above Logos and models are subject to change without notice prior to launch, but collectively represents the APVG/CBO business model we intend to build-out over the next five years, through 2025. We will begin seeking CEO's, project managers and team leaders to lead some of them forward beginning in early 2020. You can learn more by clicking on a logo of interest to view a web page on this site, if available. 

The logos shown below represent the eight (8) APVG business models being developed by us as public companies from the start, with a goal of conducting private Direct Public Offerings (DPO) of their equity shares (offered exclusively to our Founders Club members). Once complete, we intend to list them on the NASDAQ stock exchange. One or more of the companies shown may operating divisions not shown, and each will become stand alone businesses, each with their own CEO's and management teams. 

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We developed our exclusive AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge.

Our Members help us increase awareness

of ocean issues and addressing the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They help us launch the companies to help

solve these issues and along the way, can share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!