Overview of the Proposed

AngelPreneur Venture Fund 

PLEASE NOTE: This Fund is not yet available and outlined merely to help our partners, employees and future managers better understand our funding strategy. This is neither an offer to sell or obtain any investor or interest in such Fund, and once available, the Fund will not be available to the general public for investment. 


Great ideas require money to put into play, however, our large scale, multi-industry APVG/CBO Business Plan will require hundreds of millions of dollars over the next five years to fully reach its potential. To get that process started we are developing our own Venture Fund (Fund), consisting of a USD $100 Million, Series A+ Private Placement Offering for our network of Accredited Investors and Family Offices.

The proposed Fund, although subject to change and legal considerations, will consist of 4,000 Units at a cost of $25,000 per Unit. The Fund will be structured as Individual Convertible Notes or Debt instruments (Notes), in total combined Units funded, paying 2% interest only quarterly (8% APR). Notes are due and repayable after 12 months, but no later than 24 months or by December 31,2022, as APVG shall elect. 


Once APVG elects to repay said Notes, the Note Holders may accept repayment of their principal value, or convert some or all of the pro incipal value for equity in any one or all three (3) of the APVG companies it is establishing as future public companies, at a 20% discount of the then valuation of the proposed Direct Public Offering (DPO) for each of the following: Airwater PlugHUBS, Tropical Reef Travel Cafes and Integrated Impact Driven Ventures, as explained elsewhere on this website. 

Again, this information is intended soul to share part of our intended initial funding strategy and preferred structure. We are currently working with our Securities firm to properly structure this Fund and related DPO packages, and plan to have the Fund ready by January 2021. No guarantee can be made or is hereby given that APVG can in fact develop and offer the stated Fund as outlined above.

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