Overview of the Proposed

APVG/CBO Business Plan 

The APVG/CBO Business Plan (Business Plan) is written in book format for distribution and easy reading. Our goal is to share the innovative, unique and bold approach of launching an integrated, multi-business, multi-industry sector vision, while engaging a global audience in building it out. 


The Business Plan book was written by our Founder, and not only shares the current goals and objectives of his model in the post Covid-19 world, but the history of his integrated vision, his motivation, passion and sincere desire that continues to drive him to build it. It's a success story in the making, and a journey filled with more drama, hardships, loss and lessons everyone can learn from.


The Shark will share it all with his readers in a straight and direct way, pointing out the changes he has seen in America along the way, stating:

     "I wrote the APVG/CBO Business Plan to serve not only as a blueprint from which we will build our many      companies and ocean initiatives, but by distributing it to all my team members, to our FoundersClub              members, our global PodCast Subscribers and others, it will serve as a powerful seed planted into the            mindset of all those entrepreneurs who wish to participate in their own ways to better understand the

     challenges and make the world a better place" 


The Business Plan continues to be refined and will be released shortly after the November U.S.elections, and will be shipped later that month. It will cost $100 per hard copy once launched, but are free when subscribing to The AngelPreneur: Building The Dream In Real Time Video PodCast series, starting in early October 2020.


So "Enter The Dream" for just $69 per year today! The first 5,000 PodCast subscribers will receive as a free bonus, 10 gifted shares of stock in each of our three planned public companies, as outlined on our home page. No e-book version of our Business Plan will be made available online until 100,000 hard copies have been sold, or gifted to our FoundersClub members and PodCast subscribers.

We developed our AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of like-minded Entrepreneurs who seek a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our Members

will help us increase awareness of the many

ocean issues and address the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They will help launch the companies that provide a 

solution to the issues and along the way, share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!