Overview of Our Proposed Bitcoin-Based

AngelPreneur Venture Fund 

Most great ideas require mountains of cash to put into play, and

The Sharks large scale, multi-industry Integrated  Ventures  

Business Plan is no exception. It will require hundreds of millions

of dollars over the next five years to fully reach its potential.


The support of our Founders Club members and private investors

will allow us to get both our for-profit and non-profit projects

started, hire key staff and establish our initial offices. The Shark

is also developing a $25 Million Crypto Venture Fund (Fund)).

This Fund will be structured as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or private Investment Fund (Fund) managed by the The Shark and his private AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc (APVG) team. To allow our insiders to better understand The Shark's thinking for developing this exclusive private REIT and its intended use of proceeds, we offer the following details:  

EVPlugHUBS: APVG, will use REIT proceeds to acquire the initial 24 targeted properties selected for the development of an EVPlugHUBS charging center by PlugHUBS Inc. a California corporation. The REIT will lease these properties to them under a five year term, with a fixed purchase option set at twenty percent (20%) over the REIT original purchase cost. Lease rates will vary and based on square footage of the property leased. The REIT will provide PlugHUBS the right to develop each site and once it conducts its Initial Public Offering (IPO), it will acquire all leased properties from the Fund.


AngelPreneur Corporate Center & Business Hotel: APVG will use the proceeds of the REIT to acquire the desired site and build out a mixed use commercial and manufacturing development. Integrated Impact Driven Ventures Inc. (Integrated Ventures), will co-brand the site as its Integrated Campus by leasing all 355,000 SF of the multi-building commercial manufacturing space as outlined on their website. The REIT or a new fund will build-out and lease the three story office and business hotel to APVG and Integrated Ventures to establish their corporate offices. Tenant improvement costs are paid by the lessee.


Integrated Impact Venture Parks: Integrated Ventures will seek five (5) initial 15 to 20 acre land parcels to design and build its proposed Impact Parks, as also explained in more detail on their website. APVG will use the Fund to acquire each site and build all building shells, and lease them back to Integrated Ventures for five years or through December 31, 2028 as these sites will not be started until 2023 at the earliest. On or before 1/1/2029 they will acquire all completed properties at the then fair market value, but no less that the original purchase and construction costs from the Fund.

CBO Foundation Estate Vineyards: APVG will use REIT proceeds to acquire a 259 acre - multiple parcel track of raw land and lease it back to APVG for $500,000 per year for three years ($1.5 million). They will in turn design and build-out a specialty vineyard operation for the benefit of its non-profit Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation), an ocean focused Hawaiian non-profit and several private homes. APVG will acquire this site at a preset purchase value equal to ten percent (10%) above the Fund's original purchase price, plus three years of lease payments, on or before June 30, 2025.  Visit CBOFundation.org to learn more about the awareness programs and initiatives of the CBO Foundation. 


The above details are merely provided to share intended structures for our proposed Fund, which will return 6% in interest annually on the net REIT investment, plus an eighty percent (80%) share of the net lease income or sales proceeds the Fund generates. It was designed mainly for his network of private offshore Bitcoin associates, Accredited Investors and other Family Offices he has developed relationships with over the years. This REIT is NOT designed for U.S. or Canadian based individual investors. 


This is just one of several funding vehicles we are developing. Details of our proposed REIT or private Fund

will emerge as our legal development process continues on the private Founders Club membership website. It will also be showcased within The AngelPreneur: Building The Dream In Real Time video podcast series.


The information presented herein is provided solely to share our intended funding and content strategy. We are currently working with our legal team and SEC attorney to properly structure either this REIT or Fund.

No guarantee can be made or is hereby given that APVG can in fact develop and offer the REIT or a Fund as outlined above.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a proposed REIT or Bitcoin-based Income Fund as yet to be determined and has not yet been developed nor is it available. It is outlined merely to help our partners, employees and future managers better understand our proposed initial funding strategy. This is neither an offer to sell or obtain any investor or interest in such a REIT or Fund, which once developed and available, will NOT be sold to the general public for their investment purposes. To learn more about this fund or the launch of our podcasts and companies join the private Founders Club.

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