Overview of Our Proposed Bitcoin-Based

AngelPreneur Venture Fund 

Great ideas always require mountains of money to put into play,

however, The Sharks large scale, multi-industry Integrated

Ventures  Business Plan will require several hundreds of millions

of dollars over the next five years to fully reach its full potential.


The support of our Founders Club members and private investors

will get both our for-profit and non-profit projects started, but to

fund the next steps in our build-out strategy we are developing

a USD $100 Million offshore Crypto Income Fund (Fund)).

This Fund once established will be mainly for The Shark's network of private offshore Bitcoin associates, Investors and Family Offices. It is not designed for U.S. Based individual investors. Details of the fund and its development process will be outlined on our private Founders Club membership website and showcased in The AngelPreneur Building The Dream In Real Time video podcast series.


The information presented here is provided solely to share our intended funding and content strategy. We are currently working with our offshore legal team to properly structure this Fund, as well as our SEC Lawyer to structure our proposed Direct Public Offering (DPO) package. No guarantee can be made or is hereby given that APVG can in fact develop and offer the stated Fund or DPO as outlined above.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a proposed Bitcoin Income Fund that has not yet been developed nor available and outlined merely to help our partners, employees and future managers better understand our proposed long-term funding strategy. This is neither an offer to sell or obtain any investor or interest in such a Fund, which once developed and made available, will NOT be available to the general public for their investment purposes. To learn more about this fund or the launch of our podcasts and companies join the private Founders Club.


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