Introducing Our Exclusive 

AngelPreneur Founders Club

The AngelPreneur FoundersClub (the "Club" ), is

an exclusive Membership program designed by our Founder, The Shark, for like-minded entrepreneurs who want to help address the ocean issues and help build-out our consolidated business Vision. 

The ongoing Covid pandemic has caused substantial delays in launching The Sharks Integrated Ventures business models and CBO Foundation initiatives in 2020. This in turn also disrupted our funding partners

who already found the nature of our integrated for-profit and non-profit structure disruptive. This made attracting initial outside funding more difficult, short of giving away substantial equity and loss of control over the combined vision. 


With those things in mind The Shark set out to once again reinvent his original Founders Club concept to create what he refers to as a unique new Podcast driven Crowdfunding strategy you will discover here. The membership fees will allow us to establish our corporate offices, hire the engineers, designers and build our management teams across all brands and the CBO Foundation

                                                           The objective of the Founders Club program is to build a solid team of

                                                           initial like-minded entrepreneurial members who will not only help us

                                                           through various online engagements, surveys, test marketing, obtain their

                                                           advice on select matters and other needs, if they wish to do so. However

                                                           they will also help us find and select the right CEO's and people to join our

                                                           management teams. Those members who wish to help actively build-out

                                                           our Integrated Ventures vision. All of our Founders Club members will get

                                                           a logo-branded hat as a thank you for joining, but more importantly, will

                                                           receive GIFTED Founders Shares in Integrated Ventures for just being

                                                           active members.

We structured our membership program to become a small private and exclusive group designed to help us fund and build-out our business and non-profit vision. With that goal in mind we believe transparency in what we seek to offer and accomplish is important and will offer three (3) unique individual member 

levels and a single business membership plan at costs shown below and explained further by The Shark within the video clips provide:

Bronze membership at $25 monthly

Our Bronze members will be gifted five (5) free

Founders Shares per active month in our Impact Ventures business model.

Silver membership at $50 monthly

Our Silver members will be gifted ten(10) free

Founders Shares per active month in our Impact Ventures business model.

Gold membership at $100 monthly

Our Gold members will be gifted twenty (20) free

Founders Shares per active month in our Impact Ventures business model.

VIP membership at $500 monthly

Our VIP Business members will be gifted two hundred (200) free Founders Shares per active month in our Impact Ventures business model.

Initial Proposed AngelPreneur Founders Club Membership Benefits & Values 

Although monthly member fees may seem high for the initial benefits and values offered, entrepreneurs know the long-term value always comes from first being at the right place at the right time. That once a business is up and running, it's growth curve established, the initial business value grows substantially.


The core benefits of being a Founders Club member are clearly the free gifted Founders Shares we offer just for being a member.  Think of being in the delivery room of major brands like Tesla, Apple, Google, Amazon and countless others, when the initial share prices at the time were low and still seemed unrealistic, only to grow substantially in value over the coming years. Consider also that many of those brand employees received Founders Shares or similar options that made them multi-millionaires today.

In our case, we estimate that prior to our offering direct shares in either PlugHUBS or Impact Venture Parks, our two proposed future public Direct Public Offerings(DPO), initial share values could range between $7.50 to $17.50 or more. In any case, once public we will be well positioned for rapid share value growth for years to come.  


Our Founders Shares will be legally offered under a Gifted or reward bonus program. The shares are accrued during the term of their membership and will be documented on a redemption certificate. To convert these shares to actual equity shares the member must complete and submit a form, if desired, at no additional cost.


The actual equity Founder Shares will be issued in a newly formed Impact Venture Parks and PlugHUBS business, yet to be established under a public corporate structure and prior to beginning our proposed DPO. There can be no guarantee we can in fact offer a DPO, nor can we estimate a date for such an offering at this stage.


The Shark's goal is to structure two DPO for our insiders, employees and Founders Club members, and to allow our initial lenders or partners to convert loans to equity to exit the company if desired. Founders Shares are legally gifted under our membership program to Founders Club members as a thank you for helping us collectively build-out our vision. The Founders Club website (now in development) will have more details about this once it is up and running.

NOTE: There can be no guarantee that we can in fact offer a DPO or that we can successfully accomplish the stated goals outlined here. This is not intended to serve as an investment offer nor solicitation or pitch to sell shares in any of our proposed companies, or any related projects. The Shark is merely offering his exclusive Founders Club memberships for educational and entertainment value, not for or as an investment product. He is gifting these Founders Shares to his members at no cost to them under the terms stated for supporting our combined efforts, up to a maximum combined 500,000 founders shares. 


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