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AngelPreneur Founders Club

The AngelPreneur Founders Club (APFC ), is an exclusive Membership program designed by our Founder The Shark for individuals who want to help address the ocean issues and build-out our consolidated business Vision. 

By design, our Founders Club membership is limited to just 5,000 total Members worldwide. We accept cash in USD, or BitCoin and BitCoin Cash cryptocurrency for membership fee payment.  The Shark was an early adapter of the BitCoin cryptocurrency, owning over 20,000 coins at one point, back when they were worth around USD one dollar ($1.00) per coin in 2011, with just over 5 million in circulation.  


                                           BitCoin has come a long way since, with coins now valued at around $9,000 each,

                                            and having traded close to $20,000 each several years ago. The Shark wishes he still

                                            had his former stash of coins, but over the years, sold most of them off to fund his

                                            many projects and ongoing development work. Many in his network of a BitCoin 

                                            entrepreneurs and investors have expressed an interest in becoming Founders Club

                                            members when we launch, and promise to share their insight on cryptocurrencies.


Our unique private Founders Club membership program will be unlike any ever developed and structured to not just help launch our CBO Foundation initiatives or programs, related companies and projects, but to 

help us build our initial base of Impact-Driven activists, series subscribers and future business partners.


Members will receive access to unique and exclusive benefits not made available to non-members (general public). Although most benefits and values are still being created, a core benefit is that they will get first look at all APVG/CBO Foundation/Integrated Ventures employment and management career positions and opportunities across all our brands.  

Once established, APVG will offer an annual cruise convention for members, at an added cost, to share the latest venture and ocean issue updates, technologies, and private offerings. This 7 to 10 day cruise will be streamed live on the membership website for members who can not travel. 

Members will receive free access to our proposed web series The AngelPreneu: Building The Dream In Real Time, which member fees help produce, as well as the weekly subscription-based PeteyPerspective video podcast series at no additional cost.  

Many of the Founders Club  member benefits will be directly tied into our future companies or related programs, such as becoming lifetime Founding ReefShark members in our (MSD$) online travel rewards program (now in development) at no additional cost. The general public will be able to join MSD$ once our ReefSharks have tested it for 90 days and the full platform is made available.

Our Founders Club members will receive exclusive access to our proposed Hybrid Sailing Club (HSC), luxury crewed sailing vacations, on APVG's custom built fleet of ClearBlue 72 foot all electric powered sailing catamarans. Vacations will accommodate up to 8 adults in four private cabins, and we hope to offer the first vacations in 2022 within the Hawaiian islands, then in the South Pacific and Caribbean Islands. 


Most importantly, our members will help us drive our business models forward through online interactions and test marketing of products or services, if they wish to do so. They will have exclusive access to any future equity share offerings we may conduct for any of our companies or brands, first access to future real estate limited partnerships and any franchises if offered, by our ventures. 

Individual Memberships cost a one-time "refundable fee" of USD $3,750 per member, plus annual dues of $200, for an initial total of $3,950 to join.  Those paying fees with BitCoin or BitCoin Cash cryptocurrency, pay an additional service fee of USD $400 to cover our cash conversion transaction costs.  

Twenty-percent (20% or $750) of all initial membership fees paid ($3,750) will be allocated to assist the CBO Foundation establish their Hawaiian and California operations, launch their various ocean focused awareness programs, and publish its quarterly Ocean Messenger digital magazine. 


Membership is NOT, nor should it be considered any form of investment or tax-deductible contribution, as members DO NOT receive equity shares in APVG or any related company or program, nor U.S. tax credits. However, as a featured membership benefit, members may opt into our membership fee Rebate Credit Program (RCP) to recover their full membership fee.

Under the optional opt-in RCP, and terms of the membership agreement, APVG will agree to post 10 equal Rebate Credits into the Members online account over 10 quarters (30 months).  As an example, the $3,750 fee is divided by 10 quarters, which would create a $375 per quarter Rebate Credit,  to recover 100% of the membership fee (10 x $375 = $3,750).


Of course, we hope members will spend their Rebate Credit values in our online ReefShark store or accrue the funds for a future HSC sailing vacation, other travel offers or purchases. Members interested in joining the RCP  may do so at no additional cost, provided they are U.S. or Canadian citizens, and they obtain our Founders Club Platinum branded debit/credit card (available upon launch, with no credit check needed).


To get the debit/credit card, to which APVG will post quarterly Credits, members must provide additional information needed by the issuing bank, like address and phone number. This card will allow members to draw their Rebate Credit values out at any bank ATM worldwide or use it for other purchases.

Our Founders Club was designed mainly for a small group of like minded entrepreneurs,. Those who have the vision to see what we are building, and want to share in that success long-term. It is not designed for the general public at large. Members will help us steer our business and product strategies forward.

Membership will renew annually provided annual dues of USD $200 are paid. Failure to pay annual dues within 60 days of due date will cancel the membership. Cancelled memberships can not be reopened nor will they be offered for sale to others.  This in effect will reduce the total membership.

More details are still being sorted out for this membership program, but we expect to have the Founders Club ready for launch by late summer 2020, and sell out quickly. Stay tuned for more details or send us an email if you wish to reserve a membership slot..


We developed our exclusive AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our

Members will help us increase awareness of

the ocean issues and address the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They help us launch the companies to help

solve this issue and along the way, can share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!

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