The History & Insight Behind 

The AngelPreneur 

The AngelPreneur podcast series are produced and published by AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc. (APVG), a privately-held corporation founded by Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann, 65, aka: The Shark. The Shark shares some of his background, goals and objectives in the above video and briefly below, but the full details will follow within the content of The AngelPreneur: Building The Dream In Real Time video podcast series. 

APVG serves as a private investment holding company that also founded and operates Hawaiian non-profit Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation). APVG is the principal shareholder of Integrated Impact Driven Ventures Inc. (Integrated Ventures) a Nevada corporation. All of them will be featured throughout the podcasts.

The Shark brings 45 years of business development, 

start-up and senior management experience to his

companies, and our podcast series. He has endured 

some of the greatest business and personal challenges

and will share many of them throughout his podcasts. 


The Shark and his wife of 26 years, Corrin, are offshore

sailors with a passion to help heal our oceans. Although

they have no children together, their family includes six 

adult children The Aloha spirit lives within them and

they have set course to help heal our oceans. 

pete corrin red dress.psd.jpg

Discover where Did The AngelPreneur Name and The Shark Nickname Originate

In this video clip The Shark shares and answers

the two questions he gets asked most often:


1. How did the "AngelPreneur" brand name

come to be and what does it mean? The Shark

has been an Angel Investor and EntrePreneur

and merged these names in 2011 into a brand. 

2. How did you get The Shark nickname and

why do you use it throughout your websites? 

The video shares that in more detail.