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CBO Worldwide Ltd. (CBO Worldwide) is a for-profit Joint Venture Operating Partnership (JVOP) between AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc. (APVG), a privately held business development firm, and Clear Blue Oceans Foundation Inc  (CBO Foundation) ), a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Both are Hawaiian corporations founded by  our President/CEO: Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann, aka: The Shark


CBO Worldwide was established to exclusively develop, manage and operate all of the CBO Foundation 

ocean-issue awareness programs, initiatives and programs, plus sustainable indoor vertical farming, atmospheric water making and solar electric generating systems developed for them by APVG. 


CBO Worldwide will also manage the proposed CBO FundRazr rewards crowdfunding campaign now in development. We do not work or provide services for any outside unrelated business clients, and are dedicated exclusively to supporting the CBO Foundation mission goals and objects.


CBO Worldwide will provide for all required facilities, personnel, employee benefits and product inventory to execute the stated mission goals and objectives of the CBO Foundation. As many involve for-profit activities and operations, as outlined on this website, separating the non-profit activities from the for-profit operations allows us to better merge them into a seamless long-term self-funding strategy.

The CBO Foundation will operate as an employee free organization with a defined seven member Board of Directors, headed by our founder. They will utilize ongoing income flows and donations to provide funding for its projects, grants to related ocean and marine research activities, ocean-focused film makers, coastal and beach clean-up events, and plans to underwrite a series of quarterly ocean plastic waste conferences with an annual waste EXPO. 


We share this information upfront to be fully transparent about how our operating structure works. Our goal is to minimize any confusion as to how our for-profit business operations are being established to

support our non-profit mission objectives. To demonstrate that by working together for the benefit of accomplishing a series of purpose-driven common goals.


That having been said, the logos shown below share some of the various programs and initiatives that have survived the most recent revisions due to the Covid pandemic and global hysteria concerning it.  A lot of work has gone into the projects and initiatives developed by APVG over the several years.


We hope to begin launching several programs by the early 2021 from our California based offices. You can click on a logo to be taken to a dedicated webpage, once they are active to learn more about them. 

CBO Foundation Programs & Initiatives Operated By CBO Worldwide
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The logos above represent proposed programs and initiatives that CBO Worldwide will develop and operate on behalf of the CBO Foundation in the coming years, pending adequate funding. Their individual web pages are being updated.

The custom minted, one ounce .999 pure CBO Silver SandDollar Medallions seen on the right are gift 

samples of what is awarded to contributors of the upcoming CBO FundRazr crowdfunding campaign.