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Due to the current hard to believe global economic and political state-of-affairs, the anti-small business environment in our country, with the pathethic leadership, regulations and policies within most states, all federal agencies and both political parties in the once great United States of America, we have elected to cease all efforts of launching our proposed California businesses at this time. 

Instead, we intend to focus on our indoor farming and water making businesses in an effort to survive the coming evil events underway by worl;d governments, including our own, fake regime, their lies and ongoing deceptions of every unfolding event. Sadly, a large part of the brainwashed population still can not see the events unfolding before their own eyes and in many cases supports them. 


The corrupt hidden powers and self-proclaimed global elite that own every major industry are determined to depopulate our planet and destroy what is left of America in the process. Beware of their next planned pandemic food and fuel shoprtages, electrical disruptions, and the coming collapse of the U.S. Dollar - all of which are already well underway. 


Prepare yourselves with food, water, solar power systems, batteries, and generators, means to defend yourself. Visit censored.news and seek out the truth your government and fake media will never tell you. Stay alert in the coming months, the world is about to be shocked to its core. 

May the force be with you and your family, keep yopu safe and secure. Once we get through this period in our history, we will rebuild America into the promise it was designed to be. Better days lay ahead for those of us who survive. Prey for peace!