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Thank you for visiting CBOWorldwide.com, the official website for the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc (APVG). As we near the end of Covid election year of 2020, one thing is certain, our world has changed in more ways than many of us can believe.


This is due in part to a very real, but over politicized CCP Virus (CoVid-19) Pandemic, and the fear mongering done by our leaders and our

Fake news media. The CDC website itself clearly shares the true risk profiles of target age groups, which certainly do not warrant further business closures or lockdowns today. 


Yet despite these facts, ongoing lockdowns continue in several states. Although entrepreneurs face many new challenges when launching businesses, and while we see opportunity in these negative times, we have elected to downsize our operations. 

APVG is a privately-held asset management and venture development firm. We develop our own projects, and recently refined our project portfolio, merged some projects together to streamline operations or

eliminated them altogether. 

Our goal remains to launch a smaller version of what we consider to be "The Mother of all Start-up" over the next two years, to help self-fund our non-profit programs and initiatives.


                                 This website shares many of these projects, and how

                                  our non-profit the Clear Blue  Oceans Foundation

                                  (CBO Foundation), which is focused on increasing

                                  awareness of ocean-related issues, are directly

                                  integrated into many of our brands. Issues like ocean

                                  plastic waste, overfishing and needless shark finning.


APVG has developed a number of socially focused business models it will soon launch to help address some of humanities greatest future challenges. Regional water, power and energy security, and better management of our plastic packaging waste to name just a few, 


These companies, along with the ocean issue awareness messages, programs and initiatives of our CBO Foundation will all be showcased and driven by a unique podcast series launching late this year, hosted by our Founder Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann, aka The Shark. 

The AngelPreneur: 

Building the Dream

in Real Time: is our 

Video PodCast series

(Series), a redesigned

version of our original

web series concept.

It is pre-production 

and will begin at the

end of 2020.


The Series will be hosted by our founder Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann, aka: The Shark and will be made available on rumble.com

to our exclusive FoundersClub members, and  paying members of our MySandDollars.com (MSD$) online travel rewards program that we are developing as a self-funding tool for the CBO Foundation.  


Once launched, the Series will share the development of our projects in real time and ocean-focused information, programs and initiatives. The Shark (represented in our logo and image on banner) is an offshore sailor, early crypto currency (BitcoinAngel Investor and serial cocial Entrepreneur (hence the "AngelPreneur" tag).


The Sharks business strategies are rooted in his passion and goals to address the issues that impact our oceans, reefs and marine life. To finding solutions to overcome the plastic packaging waste crisis in general, but ocean plastic waste in particular.


This led The Shark to develop a well-orchestrated and highly integrated impact driven APVG/CBO Business Plan to drive both objectives forward for many years to come.  The podcast series was created as part of his unique entertainment marketing strategy and is designed to actively engage his viewers in a common goal.


That goal is to creat good paying jobs and socially focused businesses that not only drive solutions for the ocean plastic waste issues, but addresses food, energy and water security in locations worldwide. The Series will take viewers on the most entrepreneurial business building reality ride of a lifetime, as they become part of The Sharks team.


Along the way, The Shark will share the business building process, his past and daily challenges of building his vision, and showcase his solutions to addressing the ocean issues in a fun and entertaining reality format.  

APVG is in the process of finishing its APVG/CBO Business Plan, a digital copy of which will be made available ij January for purchase at $75.00. It is written in book format without financial projections, and presented more as a vision document, or a blueprint of what we plan to accomplish together. 

We encourage you to explore this website, that of our core operating company Integrated Impact Driven Ventures, and CBO Foundation to learn more about our companies, programs and initiatives. Please note: we remain in a state of transition, and some online content may not yet accurately reflect our current direction.

Thank for stopping by today!

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singleUsePlastic_sustainability UN Repor

APVG is the founder of its private Clear Blue Oceans Foundation, a non-profit Hawaiian organization out to increase awareness of the ocean issues, including advocating for the reduction of single-use plastic waste. It is NOT a Tax exempt 501(c)3, instead, APVG  contributes a portion of its annual pre-tax profits to help support their programs and initiatives. Download a copy of the Free UN Report above to learn more about the plastic waste issue.


The AngelPreneur: Building The Dream In Real Time: video PodCast

is in Pre production and due to launch in late December 2020. 

APVG has developed over 30 business models over the years. The ones shown here are active or on the launch pad and offer the best opportunity for success in the Covid world.  Click on a logo to visit their webpage on this site to learn more.

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The above logos are subject to change, and do not represent all of the companies or projects APVG currently has under development. No guarantee can be made that all companies shown will in fact be fully developed as intended. Each company will feature their own CEO and management teams, operating under a collective objective managed by APVG.

"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me.

Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful,

that's what matters to me."

 Steve Jobs

We developed our AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of like-minded Entrepreneurs who seek a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our Members

will help us increase awareness of the many

ocean issues and address the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They will help launch the companies that provide a 

solution to the issues and along the way, share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!

APVG Portfolio of Companies

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