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Welcome message and overview of our two podcasts series from Founder/CEO & Host Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann.

Thank you for visiting our AngelPreneur podcast website. My name is Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann, aka: The Shark (represented in our logo) an offshore sailor, early crypto-currency (Bitcoin) player, 

Angel Investor and Entrepreneur (hence "AngelPreneur" tag.

As Founder/President/CEO of Integrated Impact Driven Ventures 

Inc. (Integrated Ventures), a Nevada corporation, The Shark is coming out of retirement to launch The Mother of All Start-ups.


The Shark will share the

business building process 

with his Founders Club

members through The 

AngelPreneur: Building

The Dream in Real Time, 

our signature weekly video 

60 minute podcast series

starting in February 2021.

The Shark brings over 40 years of diversified business development, 

start-up and management experience to his series. He will share the business idea development process, his funding challenges, past, present and ongoing all while he builds a real business towards a Direct Public Offering (DPO) of their equity shares by 2023.  


The Series 60 minute weekly webisodes will take his Founders Club members on the entrepreneurial reality ride of a lifetime in real time. In fact, he will even incorporate some of his members directly into one or more of his unique business models.

Together The Shark and his teams will build a group of socially responsible, eco-friendly companies with a purpose driven objective. 

Along the way, he will offer members consulting and review services of their own businesses, provide valuable insight and even showcase their business ideas or concepts within the series content.

The AngelPreneur: Building The Dream in Real Time Series will feature special guests, including members, Investors and business experts to deliver an educational, fun and rewarding experience, It will covers general business news on trends, politics, funding options, plus share details about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


The background theme will be the oceans and the issues they face, and how The Shark intends to help address them.  If you are an entrepreneur, looking to start a business or want to help heal our oceans,  please become a Founders Club member and get The Shark on your team once we launch our membership program.

The AngelPreneur: Weekly

Review of Business & Ocean

Issues is our free weekly 60

minute podcast featuring

Important news about the 

ocean issues. The Shark's 

Clear Blue Oceans Foundation

(CBO Foundation) a Hawaiian

non-profit. The issues rooted

in his passion to help reduce

plastic packaging waste, the

overfishing and eliminate

needless shark finning for

soup practices worldwide.

This weekly audio series is designed to share mainly the issues impacting ocean plastic packaging waste, and will feature interviews with ocean and marine life experts from time-to-time. We expect to start this series first and make it available on all mayor podcast streaming networks.




The over politicized CCP Virus (CoVid-19) Pandemic, fear mongering done by our servants and fake news media have had a devastating impact on our country and the world. It has caused substantial stress 

on marriages, families, business closures and a negative outlook for the future of our country as well as ourselves. 


The CDC website clearly shares the true risk profiles of the target age groups most effected by Covid, none-of-which warrant any further business closures or the ongoing lockdowns today. Yet despite these facts, ongoing lockdowns continue in several states. Our elected

officials seem more interested in helping themselves instead of us.


This situation has caused countless entrepreneurs like The Shark to rethink his business plans, his direction and he will cover all this and more in both podcast series. He will showcase the politicians who are actually helping out efforts to rebuild jobs and the economy.

Entrepreneurs today face many new and difficult challenges when launching any business, and yet The Shark sees opportunity in these negative times. He believes our best days still lay ahead and he is looking forward to the challenges we will face together.

We encourage you to explore The Sharks core operating company

Integrated Impact Driven Ventures, to learn more about their 

companies, and his CBO Foundation programs and initiatives. 


Thank for stopping by today!


Please note: we remain in a state of transition, and some online content may not yet accurately reflect our current direction.

CBO Foundation logo.png
singleUsePlastic_sustainability UN Repor

As the founder of our private Clear 

Blue Oceans Foundation, a non-profit Hawaiian organization, we seek to

increase awareness of the important ocean issues, including advocating for the reduction of single-use plastic waste, overfishing and shark finning.

It is NOT an IRS Tax exempt 501(c)3, instead, we are a self-funded group supported by international Bitcoin donors and Founders Club members.

Download a copy of the UN Report on plastic waste above to learn more about the global plastic waste Crisis.

Click on the above Donate Button to contribute Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash in fractional values to help support the  Clear Blue Oceans FoundationTX

Help Us Stop Ocean Plastic Waste DONATE To Our CBO Foundation 

If you're an Entrepreneur or want to help us heal our oceans, please Join The AngelPreneur Founders Club

today for just $7.50 per month. As a member you help support our CBO Foundation ocean issue awareness initiatives, you will receive our digital Ocean Messenger Magazine each 

quarter, our weekly e-newsletter, and can access our private video podcast series, plus get a 20% discount in our online store.  Click on the banner above to learn more and join 


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