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AngelPreneur Venture Group

Thank you for visiting CBOWorldwide.com, the official public website for the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc (APVG). Much has changed since the start of 2020 - for all of us as a result of 

CCP Virus (CoVid-19) Pandemic, driven by the ongoing political

fear mongering by our leaders and fake mainstream media.


Yet despite the ongoing lockdowns still under way in some areas, the new challenges we all face ahead and the destruction of our global economy, we see opportunity. Entrepreneurs always do, and are crazy enough to drive the change needed in the world. So let's get started!

APVG is a privately-held "Family Office-like" asset management and venture development firm. We invest in and operates mainly our own projects. Due to the CoVid-19 realities, we recently refined our core project portfolio again and thereby our future business direction. 


Today, our projects will be driven by The AngelPreneur: Building the Dream in Real Time a weekly Video PodCast (PodCast), which is a redesigned version of our prior web series concept. Video PodCasts have become very popular and offer a greater viewership reach, cost less to produce and allow us to better expose and promote our many brands. It is scheduled start in early October.


However, our PodCast will not offer a standard talkshow format. The first 30 minutes of The AngelPreneur will be free and broadcast on our YouTube and Vimeo channels, covering national politics and general business issues. The audio version will also be available free on several podcasting system.


The follow-up hour and additional content will be available exclusively

for our paid subscribers/viewers who elect to "Enter The Dream" and actively participate in building out our group of impact driven businesses and related projects.   

                                The PodCast is designed to showcase our businesses and 

                                    their individual growth strategies, while some work directly 

                                in conjunction with our privately funded  non-profit

                                Clear Blue  Oceans Foundation  (CBO Foundation),                                       which is focused on increasing awareness of ocean-

                                related issues.

These issues include, but are not limited, to addressing marine life and tropical reef conservation, the need to reduce ocean plastic waste and marine debris, global overfishing of our seas and eliminate the shark

finning for soup practices.

The AngelPreneur PodCast is hosted by APVG and CBO Foundation 

 Founder/President/CEO Peter "the AngelPreneur" Ortmann (seen in the header above), and known to his friends and business associates as The Shark (represented within our logo). More on how that name came to be can be found elsewhere on this website. 

The Shark is an offshore sailor, Angel Investor, early crypto currency (Bitcoin) investor and serial Entrepreneur (hence the "AngelPreneur" tag). He has a sincere passion and drive for addressing the issues that impact our oceans, tropical reefs and marine life, and finding solutions to overcome them.


That led him to develop what you will discover in part on this website, a well-orchestrated and integrated impact driven APVG/CBO Business Plan designed to drive both projects forward for many years to come, and then build out his legacy Marissa's Reef project.

The PodCast was created by The Shark as part of a unique and exciting new entertainment marketing strategy that engages its subscribers in a common goal. Creating good  paying jobs and businesses that not only drive solutions to address the ocean issues, but addresses human issues such as food, energy and water security in some locations. 


The PodCast will take paid subscribers on the most entrepreneurial business building reality ride of a lifetime in real time, as each become part of our development team. Along the way, The Shark will share the business building process, past and daily challenges of building his business vision, and the ocean issues in an entertaining reality format.  

APVG is in the process of launching it's APVG/CBO Business Plan, a hard copy of which will be sent to all paid PodCast subscribers or can be purchased for $100. The first 25,000 Subscribers will each receive 10 gifted shares of stock in 1 of the 3 companies of their choice that 

we plan to take public in 2021 (estimated value of $120). 


We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about the above items. Please note: we remain in a state of transition, and some online content and videos may not yet accurately reflect our current direction. We plan to have all content, videos and page links updated by the end of September.  Thank you for your patience.

CBO Foundation logo.png
singleUsePlastic_sustainability UN Repor

APVG is the founder of its private Clear Blue Oceans Foundation, a non-profit Hawaiian organization out to increase awareness of the ocean issues, including advocating for the reduction of single-use plastic waste. It is NOT a Tax exempt 501(c)3, instead, APVG  contributes a portion of its annual pre-tax profits to help support their programs and initiatives. Download a copy of the Free UN Report above to learn more about the plastic waste issue.


The AngelPreneur PodCast is now in production and due to launch in early October 2020. Subscriptions will cost $69 per year, which includes a hard copy of the APVG/CBO Business Plan, and will receive 10 gifted shares in each of the three companies we plan to take public as outlined elsewhere for the first 5,000 paid subscribers. 

APVG has developed over 30 business models the ones shown here are active or on the launch pad and offer the best opportunity for success. All will be showcased in The AngelPreneur video PodCast series.  The logos below represent the companies designed mainly to support the three (3) companies we are structuring to

go public, shown in the next section.  Click on the logos to visit their webpage on this

site to learn more.

ReefShark Logo.png
KaffeLua logo.png
New HSC Logo.png
SunStar Transportation.png
aq group.png
CBO Vineyard Logo 2.png .png
AQ Hotel Logo.png
Skypod logo.png
Specialty Design Build.png

The above logos are subject to change, and do not represent all of the companies or projects APVG currently has under development. No guarantee can be made that all companies shown will in fact be fully developed as intended. Each company will feature their own CEO and management teams, operating under a collective objective managed by APVG.

In addition to the above APVG companies, APVG has developed three (3) core business models that it will launch later this year and structure to become public companies in late 2021 through a Direct Public Offering (DPO).  Our first 5,000 PodCast Subscribers will receive 10 gifted shares in each of these three companies prior to launching their DPO's at no additional cost. Click on the logos below to visit their webpage on this site to learn more about each of these companies. 

TR Travel CAFE Logo.png

The Tropical Reef Travel Cafe (Cafes) are designed to become a specialty food and beverage

chain within North America and Hawaii.  They will offer full travel agency services daily, promote ocean issues, offer drive through pick-up, indoor and outdoor seating in a tropical themed over the counter operation. 

IIDV Logo.png

Integrated Impact Driven Ventures (Integrated Ventures), has five unique business models under it, including:

Plastic2Power, AirWater, CityCubes, Fruit & Veggie and Integrated Solar. They will become tenants of a network of Integrated Impact Venture Parks  (Impact Parks) providing food, energy and water security within the cities or regions they are built and located in. 

PlugHub Logo.png

AirWater PlugHUBS (PlugHUBS) is designed to become a network of fully staffed electric vehicle charging  centers in  North America and Hawaii, serving its membership base, and offer

atmospheric AirWater made fresh onsite. The first dozen locations will be in Southern California and Las Vegas, NV. 

"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me.

Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful,

that's what matters to me."

 Steve Jobs

We developed our AngelPreneur Founders Club for a limited number of like-minded Entrepreneurs who seek a new & rewarding "Porpoise" driven challenge. Our Members

will help us increase awareness of the many

ocean issues and address the global single-use plastic packaging waste crisis. They will help launch the companies that provide a 

solution to the issues and along the way, share in our success. Click on the banner above to learn more and join the Club!